Tuesday, November 14, 2006

EU voting

Via Timmy, Cramner and Miguel, we see yet another example of how absolutely fucking wonderful the EU's agena really is.
A Polish referendum on the euro risks a repeat of the French and Dutch no votes that sank the EU constitution in 2005, Brussels has warned Warsaw.

The European commission has reacted with dismay and reminded Poland that joining the single currency is a condition of EU membership.

“The treaty obligations are clear, the euro is to be introduced when the convergence criteria are met,” said the commission on Monday.

Commission officials and monetary affairs commissioner Joaquin Almunia are concerned a vote will “only feed populist fears and may court a backlash”.

Swedish voters rejected the euro in 2005 and last year’s French and Dutch referendum rejections of European constitution mean that plebiscites are regarded as highly risky.

“Given the recent experience in France and the Netherlands concerning referendums, we would not advise anyone to organise one,” said a commission official.

Yup, don't have any referendums, chaps, you might get the wrong answer. The people who fucking elected you might decide that they don't want to be part of this club any more and then you are not going to be able to get your snout in the Brussels trough, so just you toddle on back to your countries and tell them that they have no choice because "we cannot survive outwith the EU".

In fact, here in Britain, I'm still waiting for my referendum; when do I get the chance to vote? Is that tomorrow, the next day, sometime, maybe, never? I think that it might.

Given my outburst last night—and, no, I actually wasn't drunk. Two pints earlier in the evening, that was all—it is great to find yet another story shwing that I am absolutely correct. Here is yet another stark warning to those who think that they can somehow reform the EU. The EU doesn't want to be reformed: you will follow the plan or... well, what?

Ideally, it should not exist. But, if it must, we should not be in it.

Unio Europaea delenda est.

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