Sunday, November 19, 2006

Councillor Terry: still a bigoted idiot

Good old Councillor Terry, he doesn't let those rightwing nutcases get him down does he?
[David Farrer] refers to people he disagrees with as 'scumbags' ( where did he go to school ? ) he regards The Telegraph' as not right wing enough to be considered a Conservative paper and points readers to a blog called 'Devils Kitchen' which he allows to do some of the more obvious dirty work from him.

I assume that the Councillor means "for him" rather than "from him", but I then I wouldn't want to spend my time closely reading Coucillor Terry's drivel so it would be unfair to expect the Councillor himself to do so. Councillor, I am afraid that David Farrer does not hold my leash: we are libertarians which means that we act independently rather to a centrally planned system. Sorry about that.

However, once again the problem of why we remain anonymous has raised its head. I have written about this a few times*—most recently when Polly had her little breakdown—but the substantive reason that we remain anonymous is very simple, Councillor; it is entirely possible that we might damage our companies, lose our jobs or lose our homes were we to reveal our true identities (although many of us make little effort to hide our identities. Those who have to do so most vigourously are, of course, those who work for the public sector since its tolerance of free speech is... well... minimal).

Instead of bitching and moaning about the eeeeevil right-wing nutjobs, how about doing something about the gentleman who is about to lose his home in your glorious city of Glasgow, essentially for doing what you are doing, i.e. blogging. Why don't you do your job, Councillor; after all, do you not oppose "any kind of discrimination?"

In other words, Councillor Terry, why don't you prove to us nasty libertarians that you are, in fact, motivated by the desire for fairness and "equality" that you Leftie loons always lay claim to? I shall look forward to reading the news of your merciful intervention on behalf of John Quinn imminently.

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James Higham said...

And yet David is a fine blogger, even though he has blogrolled Kelly. May I refer you back to the comments section on the link you provided to F&W, where David defends his blogrolling of the man.

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