Monday, November 27, 2006

The Blog Digest 2006

All those who have contributed to The Blog Digest 2006, edited by our very own ChickenYoghurt, have been asked to give it a swift plug and so here it is. Your humble Devil has a piece in there (although he is vastly outdone by his impecunious, Greek friend) and so here I am doing a filthy shill advancing the cause of world capitalism by plugging the chance to buy eloquent knowledge of a type that you won't find in the MSM (oh, and do feel free to buy it through my Amazon link in my left sidebar)...
Editor Justin McKeating explains… “This year has been something of a breakthrough year for British blogging. According to a recent report in The Guardian, nearly seven million people in the UK – one in nine – keep a blog in some form or other. For the first time blogging has truly shaken the ivory towers of the traditional mainstream media (or ‘MSM’, as bloggers like to call it) in the UK.

Nearly every news outlet, finally realising blogging’s potential and that the medium is here to stay, has adopted an ‘if we can’t beat them, we’ll join them’ strategy and established their own blogs of varying quality and success. Many newspapers now look to blogs for stories and material (often shamefully lifting and using them without credit), which surely shows that blogging has truly arrived.”

But don’t just take Justin’s word for it. Celebrity blogger Boris Johnson says… “Before the advent of the blog it was nigh on impossible for ordinary people with worthwhile opinions to have those opinions heard. Of course, finding the opinions that are "worthwhile" is the difficult part. Which is where this books comes in... A brilliant collection.”

The Blog Digest 2007 is published December 1st by Friday Books.

Yup, it's the stocking filler that you've all been waiting for! Buy it from the left sidebar and fling the Devil a shilling or two...

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