Monday, November 27, 2006

BBC admonishes Crippen for spotting their mistake

So, you're the BBC, and you swallow a bit of corporate spin from a pharmaceutical company and recycle it as news on your website. When Doctor Crippen emails you to point out your gullibility, do you (a) admit your mistake and issue a correction, or (b) stealth-edit the piece and then email the Doc to tell him off for misreading the article?

Astonishing. Do go and read the whole thing.

The Devil adds: remember, guys, why we are being implored to pay out for an inflation-busting perfectly reasonable increase on our TV tax extorted with menaces, including fines and threats of court action Licence Fee: the BBC is a bunch of lazy, inexperienced cunts with all of the journalistic integrity of my fucking arse very responsible news-gathering organisation, which constantly verifies its stories and presents them without bias.

Whereas we bloggers are merely rumour-mongers, not bothering to verify any of our stories and certainly not linking to proper research. Ever. Not like the Beeb; thank goodness for Auntie, else we would be up to our armpits in a mire of misinformation...


James Higham said...

Such arrogance. Such downright arrogance, DK. Where do these people get off?

Neil Harding said...

The BBC is great and so are the NHS. In fact they are two of the best things about this country. If you had your way you would abolish them both. Well you and Murdoch may be happy but the majority of us would be mighty pissed off. Without the BBC you would be paying £60 a month for crap imports and sport full of adverts, instead of paying £11 a month for something that raises the standard of British programmes and is admired around the world. Think of all the greatest British comedies and documentaries and they almost certainly were on the BBC.

The BBC is THE most respected news source in the world for it's impartiality. Which is why you think it is so left wing. As Stephen Colbert points out REALITY HAS A LEFT WING BIAS.

Don't worry you lot will catch up with us lefties in 20 years when you are all proved wrong yet again. Apart from a lunatic lurch to the right in the eighties and nineties, the centre ground has consistently moved leftwards - think of how votes for women and more recently gay rights were once seen as exclusively leftwing. The Tories now pretend they support social justice, reducing inequality and the saving the environment.

You can mock and pick on isolated faliures in the BBC and NHS, but the truth is they are actually pretty good at what they do, which is why Murdoch is so hateful of the competition and why the US spend twice per head what we do on health for a worse service for the majority. WHO ranks the US 37th and the UK 18th in overall healthcare provision. Go figure.

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