Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Nigel Farage will not be appearing on Vox Politics tonight. According to my contact, when asked to be on the Vox Politics show starting at 9, Nigel "said okay, but it would be tight getting through the morning traffic for that time". This would imply that Nigel had assumed that it would be in the morning, surely?

Iain replies in this way.
Nigel's assistant was told quite clearly last night that it was for the Vox Politix programme which was live at 9PM and he should be with us by 8.30PM.

Well, there's been a fuck-up somewhere; I suspect that it is simply a matter of miscommunication and no one's fault particularly.

UKIP's press office has not been following 18DoughtyStreet procedure well enough though; 18DS broadcast live and in the evenings only.

Just one of those misunderstandings...

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