Monday, October 30, 2006

Mac OS versus Windows

As most of you will know, your humble Devil is an avowed Mac afficionado. Although I'm ready to admit that the Mac OS 10 has a few issues (mainly because my machine is a little aged these days), I still think that it is a vastly superior system to Windows. Thus, I was quite interested to read this "Switcher" report from a Windows boy who had merely bought an Apple for web-testing purposes.

His verdict? Well, basically he's a convert.
I bought the cheapest Mac available - a Mac Mini with a single-core Intel chip and the minimum of RAM - 512 MB. It cost me AU$949. Since plugging it in, I have barely used my $3000 Windows desktop. Fixing the web-site in Safari took 2 minutes. However all this time later, I have almost exclusively switched to the Mac.

But it was this reason that made me smile.
6. Pro - Graphic Designers will talk to you: The company where I work has developers and designers working closely together. Designers using Macs, wearing $300 dollar jeans. Developers using Windows PCs, wearing $20 jeans (but earning much higher salaries).

When you can talk about the Mac with a designer they will suddenly like you 50% more. It may sound stupid, but the results are there.

Heh, quite true. Admittedly, in the follow up post in which he answers his critics, he admits that it was a slightly tongue-in-cheek comment.
4. I am shallow and stupid because of #6: Graphic Designers will like you comment: That comment was very tongue-in-cheek. When I get to work on Monday my favourite graphic designer is going to give me crap about that comment. It was mostly to amuse him. He still thinks I am a geeky nerd, Mac or no Mac.

It's true though: as far as I am concerned, you aren't a proper graphic designer unless you work on a Mac. Sorry.

And the main reason for this, the main reason that Macs are still better than Windows for graphics and DTP? Quite simply: true, system-wide integrated PostScript.

Another reason that graphic designers will like you, of course, is that Mac users tend to be enthusiastic about their machines; they aren't just tools, they're trusted and reliable friends. Finding a fellow Mac enthusiast is a bit like overhearing someone using a Molesworth phrase (such as the one commonly used in letters to Private Eye: "as any fule kno"): you have an immediate connection.

So, yar boo sucks to Bill Gates, he is a sisy, I diskard him...


Prodicus said...

Jeepers - will you stop? Mac this... Mac that... The only way to stem this tide of propaganda from people whose judgement I trust is to take them at their word and buy a bloody Mac. Well, all right then. As soon as I have the time. Yes. I will. Shut up. And the bloody designers had better show me a bit more Respeck, too. Nah, they will just smirk in that way they have.

Actually, I only bought this very fancy Win PC with a million bells and whistles because I was too cowardly to convert and take the time from a fractic schedule to retrain myself.

Aw, don't start again. I know Macs are intuitive...

Devil's Kitchen said...

...take the time from a fractic schedule to retrain myself.

Actually, it probably took me longer to retrain myself to use the OS X after having used Classic for 5 years than it would take you to learn when switching from Windows...! ;-D


bigmac and fries said...

There's no doubt, Macs are indeed superior and usually two OS releases ahead of Windows but... Two things that that piss me off are

A) The mouse. Right clicking is good. Yes, yes, I can press a key and get the same effect but for the love of God, just add another pissing button!

B) Tabbing across the 'yes', 'no', 'cancel' windows. On classic this was possible with third party software, maybe it is with OSX but it's not the point.

I mean for fuck's sake, Windows has ripped off enough Apple ideas, can't they swallow their pride and return the 'favour'?

Apple's stubbornness to adopt what is clearly superior ideas is pathetic and I can only draw the conclusion that they are fucking massive cunts.

Fuck it, while I'm here, as you said, application size WTF?!? The new mouse - gay. The price, Lord the price... Moving on, ipod shuffle, ipods having to use software rather than simply USB to transfer files, having to repair kernals after installs, shipping macs with woefully underspeced memory (why is this an option?!?!), the adverts, where's the intelisense in Office?

OK, relatively small points but none the less...

james higham said...

One of my main three clients over here is manager of Apple [Volga Region] and he's offering all sorts of deals to go Mac. I'm slowly succumbing. By the way, DK, I'm sure you have it all together there but if you have a Mac question which is a curly one, might be able to help via this guy here.

Oh yeah? So what has happened for the last ten years, exactly?

Over at the ASI, they are posting some of the winning entries of the Young Writers on Liberty. One does not want to put such keen minds off,...