Wednesday, October 25, 2006

LibDemons in fascism shock. Not.

In Richmond upon Thames, LibDem councillors have decided that "gas guzzlers" (in this country it's called "petrol", you fuckwits) should pay extra on their parking permits.

The Longrider is elegantly incensed and expresses this emotion with all his his customary aplomb.
Having listened to both the leader of the council; Serge Lourie and Sir David Trigg, the Council cabinet member for traffic, transport and parking pontificate about how they have an obligation to “encourage” residents to change their lifestyle choices, I am in no doubt whatsoever that they want others to follow in their tawdry footsteps.

Listen you jumped up fascist fuckwits, you have no obligation to do anything of the sort. You were elected to serve the residents of Richmond, not to socially engineer them into thinking as you do. You do not “encourage” by using financial penalties for forbidden thinking and behaviour – that is blackmail, not encouragement. Get a dictionary, look the words up. It isn’t difficult, you pair of obnoxious, bullying little shits. It is not, absolutely not, your prerogative to use force to dictate people’s buying choices.

Beautiful prose, the man's a genius! The trouble is that the LibDemons are obviously not.

As was illustrated by the Daily Propaganda, via Wat Tyler, the other day, electric cars—the councillors preferred method of transport (although I don't know how many councillors have electric cars themselves)—are not as eco-friendly as the LibDemons suppose them to be.
Because although the EST reckons it's "the most energy efficient car on the road" and better for the planet, it's only that way if you don't count the carbon cost of generating and transmitting the electricity to charge it up. Once you do, it turns out it's more carbon generative than a bog standard Ford Focus 1.6D. Which doesn't qualify for any of the financial breaks.

You see, these people are fucking idiots as well as being lazy cunts: you don't need to have a degree in Physics to understand these costs, for crying out loud, you just have to think!

But the LibDemon councillors are not finished with their pathetic justifications.
"Climate change is the single greatest challenge facing the world today," said council leader Serge Lourie.

If I hear one more cunting fascist bastard trying to justify his shitty crank ideas with that phrase—and, fuck me, but there seem to be an awful lot of them—I am going to break out the clawhammer and rail vouchers and start showing them what I think is the greatest challenge facing the world today, i.e. fascist scum who seem to have forgotten that they work for us.
"We can no longer bury our heads in the sand and pretend that it is not happening, or that dealing with it is up to somebody else.

I'm sorry, Sunny Jim, but have you got some new science to show me? Otherwise I shall refer you to my recent post excoriating that ignorant cunt, Davey "batshit" Miliband. The science is far from conclusive; the economic arguments are far from conclusive; the data is flawed and you guys are talking out of your arses. Fuck off.
"And Richmond upon Thames is one of the highest CO2-emitting boroughs in London.

Really? How do you measure that, precisely? Are you sure that you are getting some bleed-through from Putney or something? What is anything that you say?

Lookee, people; do you think that the LibDemons are going to be less authoritarian than NuLabour? I suggest that you take another look…


Pete in Dunbar said...

I think all politicians have a congenital inability to distinguish carrots from sticks. Or is this 'encourage' as in shooting Admiral Byng, perhaps? Maybe they're not going far enough...

Pogo said...

As I said on the BBC HYS thingy, until I got moderated for not being sufficiently PC... If the council are that keen on the environment they should charge less for "gas guzzlers" on the logical basis that the longer they are sitting in their parking spaces the less time they are out and about polluting... :-)

PJ said...

Just a teeny dose of reality here:
From personal experience - medium hatchback, petrol, used for numerous short journeys around suburban London. According to the fuel consumption display 18 mpg between fill-ups. (Yes the manufacturers urban cycle figures are bollox. Maybe they don't do the trials on roads with a speed hump or traffic light every 50 yards)
-Bloody enormous American people carrier - twice the weight and engine size, petrol, auto, room to park the hatchback in the back, at 20 mph rides speed humps like they're not there - 14mpg - same journeys, same trip times.
Deduction - if you reduce the standard of roads to the standard of a 4th world goat track then the most efficient vehicle will be the one designed for those conditions.

Mr Eugenides said...

The survey that ranked Richmond as a high emitter of CO2 was a survey of emissions per household. It had nothing to do with vehicle emissions.

If Richmond has a problem with car emissions it has more to do with the A316, South Circular, and horrendous traffic in central Richmond than with the type of vehicles per se.

ghost of john trenchard said...

i'm sure the Chinese will be so glad of Richmond's contribution to lower C02 emissions.

that'll allow them to go ahead with the construction of yet another coal fired power station.

oh - and that "air travel is bad" green fuckwittery that we've been hearing recently? well, guess how many airports the chinese are opening in the next FIVE FUCKING YEARS.


go suck on that Richmond council, you dumb fucks.

AntiCitizenOne said...

CO2 is airborne plant food not pollution.

Eddie said...

It's all part of the same socialist schizophrenia. A while back I complained to BBC WM, on air, about the very same double standard. They were and are, constantly pushing the green agenda, when only a few weeks before they led a campaign to save the Rover works at Longbridge.

I suppose it wouldn't have worried their little eco brains to be responsible for getting the Chinese off their polluting bikes and into planet saving, RAC fodder.

As you said ...fucking idiots.

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