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EUsceptic Roundup #3

Welcome to the third EUsceptic Roundup; late again, I know, but an unexpectedly late night on Saturday, the confusion about the clocks (yes, I forgot), and the unlooked-for opportunity to gain free entrance to The Divine Comedy gig tonight all conspired to keep me from my blogging.

Firstly, and very usefully, KevSoft has implemented the TheyWorkForYou APIs onto his site so that you can search Hansard and the Written Answers for any references to things that interest you: mainly, in our case, any references to the EU. It will definitely be a point of reference for your humble Devil.

Another thing that you may wish to partake in is The Bruges Group's Campaign to lobby MPs for a report into the costs of our membership of the EU; they want the government to publish, if you like, a cost/benefit analysis. This is surely a reasonable request? Simply fill in the form on the website (and if you don't know who your MP is, you can find out at

Tim Worstall highlights Kaletsky's article on "the greatest political blunder of the last decade".
That dubious honour will probably belong to an event most people still regard as a triumph: the creation of the euro. What we see today, not only in Italy and Hungary, but also in the other relatively weak economies on the southern and eastern fringes of the EU, is the beginning of the end of the European project. And if the euro project does turn out to be the high-water mark of European unification, then history will judge it a far more important event that anything happening in the Middle East.

As some people have been pointing out for years the euro weas never an economic policy, it was a political one. The economics were deliberately ignored in order to get the political action done.

Timmy also points out that TEBAF Margot is an fucking fascist idiot.
Today Margot is insisting that the European Union is absolutely right to tell us all how much we can drink, raise the taxes and in general get us all to have no more than our State Approved half glass of low alcohol eurowine a day.

Now, is it just me being paranoid, or could one infer that that utter, utter cunt, Patsy Hewitt, might simply be parroting the sound of, as it were, her master's voice?

Though why the EU thinks that it should be able to regulate the drinking habits of 450 million or so people when they cannot manage their own spending I simply cannot fathom. That's right; with a kind of weary resignation, it will not have escaped your notice that the auditors have refused to sign off the EU accounts for the twelfth year in a row! The mind, frankly, boggles.
The EU's top accounting inspector has for the 12th year in a row criticised irregularities in the bloc's annual spending, particularly within member states but also within the commission itself.

In a report launched on Tuesday (24 October 2004), the European Court of Auditors analysed the 2005 EU budget of €104.8 billion and stated that irregularities in EU spending prevented it from giving a completely positive judgment.

The court said some EU spending in 2005 had involved improper invoicing, incorrectly paid bills and did not always include the selection of best-value suppliers.

The report found errors in accounting ranging from incorrect paperwork and poor management to outright fraud in transactions.

And now we return to Timmy to highlight how the fuckers continue to lie to us.
I get another email from the Commission:
  1. Anyway, coming back to your question: yes, the Commission does use (and has always used) double-entry book-keeping (if we dind't, I am sure the Court of Auditors would have noticed it in its report, wouldn't they?

  2. You mention accrual accounting - good point - the Commission is one of the few public entities which use accrual accounting.

Yes, I'm sure that they would have. And, er, they did...
In answer:

1)and 2) Double Entry book keeping. You do use that? Really? Your ex Chief Accountant doesn't think so:
2. Vulnerability of the Accounting System and Internal Controls: The deficiencies that I highlighted during my tenure as Chief Accountant of the EC, all of which as of today remain unresolved (as per annual reports from the ECA), and for which I proposed urgent and specific actions, can be summarized as follows:
  • No basic accounting principles (such as double-entry bookkeeping) respected. The much publicized “accrual accounting” is not based on double-entry bookkeeping.

That was from evidence given to Parliament.

Liars, liars, liars.

Talking of which, KevSoft exposes another liar.
Lib Dem MEP Andrew Duff's office wrote a letter to a constituent claiming that Britain is better off in the EUssr is misleading claims Tom Wise of UKIP.

Tom Wise counters those ridiculous claims by highlighting the fact that Neil Kinnock, an ex-Commissioner for whom he holds no brief or affection, admitted in a Radio 4 interview that Britain's trade with the EUssr would not suffer if we left.

Andrew Duff is patently taking out of his no-doubt well-upholstered arse. As I wrote in a Comment at Wanabehuman some months ago, not only is the actual economic benefit of belonging to the EU fairly dubious, but the cost of withdrawing is minimal (and the benefits substantial).

Last week I pointed you to the fascinating; I see that they are now rating countries' transparency by how willing they are to release their subsidy figures. Sweden tops the list with 95%.
On the day when the European Court of Auditors has for the twelfth year running refused sign off the European Union's annual budget because of concerns about fraud and poor controls, is launching a new Common Agricultural Policy transparency index. The index is based on a comprehensive scorecard that rates all member states according to whether they have released data on who gets what from the EU's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Sweden tops the index with a score of 95%, followed by Denmark (91%) and Slovenia (87%). So far twelve EU member states have released data to

Penultimately (and most egregiously), if you thought that the Tories were against any aspect of the EU, then think again.
Today [Tory MEPs] voted for a report on the European Central Bank which included these words (paragraph 9, page 6):
"Supports the introduction of the Euro by all the member states."

The decision to whip Tory MEPs in favour of the report appears to have been taken after pressure from the EPP.

Five Tory MEPs resisted the whip and rejected the report: Martin Callanan, Daniel Hannan, Roger Helmer, Chris Heaton-Harris and Syed Kamall.

Apart from those five, every one of the Tory MEPs is a traitor and should be hanged in the public square and their bodies left to rot as a warning to others. They are scum who have sold out there country and will continue to sell out their country and its people. If you, like me, think that the EU is an economic burden, a financial fuck-up and an immoral killer then there really is only one voting option at the next election...

Finally, remember, you can join the EUsceptic Bloggers Yahoo group, which gave rise to this roundup, and which is moderated by our very own Serf.

So that's the EUsceptic Roundup for this week: next time, I shall be doing some more research and will be using the APIs mentioned above to winkle out and examine what our elected puppets of the EU representatives are saying about the glorious EU empire. In the meantime, please send your EU stories, throughout the week, to dk[AT]devilskitchendesign[DOT]com with "Eurosceptic Roundup" as the subject line.

Unio Europaea delenda est!

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Anonymous said...

The EU issue, as far as I am concerned, will result in war similiar to the Yugoslav conflict because as we become further embroiled in their machinations, the other member states, especially those like the twat stinking fucking frogs, will grow more and more dependant on our membership, and therefore will never allow us to go even if it means war.

People like Mandelson should take the EU in the palm of their hands, cover their fist in vaseline, and work it up their dirty lying fucking ring-pieces...mind you that cunt would enjoy it.

Roll on the fucking revolution.

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