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EUsceptic Roundup #2

Welcome to the second roundup dedicated to spreading the good news about the wonderful democratic woefully unaccountable intitutions of the European Union.

First up, and urgent enough that I shall post this up whilst compiling the rest of the roundup, the Campaign For An Independent Britain email me.
Today's Sunday Express has a column on SHOULD WE PULL OUT OF THE EU?

Readers are presented with the opportunity to vote on this issue, either by phone to 0901 031 1511 or text SXVOTE A to 82100. (Calls/
texts cost 25p.)

The lines are open until midnight tonight (22/10/06). So get your vote in, and make sure you have your say.

Anyway, first up is the EU Observer's roundup of all the news from the EU over last week.
The week kicks off with the controversial EU services directive which is up for a second reading in the internal market committee on Monday, after member states in Spring defined their position on the law.

Go and read, it should be a bundle of fun! However, if you want some pithy points, do stay with us for a few minutes...

Righty-ho and on we move to Master Worstall, who points out this story (though do read the caveats in the comments) of the EU's attempts to wipe out anything but metric indicators on goods.
An extraordinary row, involving major European and US industries, is blowing up over the European Commission's determination to make it illegal, in three years' time, for any products made in or imported into the EU to carry any reference to non-metric measures. Not only will this cost industries on both sides of the Atlantic billions of dollars and euros, but it is in direct breach of US federal law.

I'm just about willing to accept that the State can insist upon the accuracy of weights and measures, don't agree that there should be compulsion to use one system over another and flatly reject the idea that one system should be banned.

It rather puts this old story at The Sharpener into perspective, no?

I rather like this spoof of the oh-so-fantastic new logo at EU Serf's place.

Mind you, they're all at it: UKIP Home

... and, with typical satirical aplomb, at The Spine...

The EU has launched a new logo to mark its 50th anniversary. Said designer, Claude Paul Crumb, the logo ’symbolises the European Union as we’ve come to know it after all this time. It’s like a long long friendship you formed with somebody you never particularly liked in the first place. You get know their every habit, their every gesture, and even what they’re going to say before they say it. In a little way, it’s very similar to contempt and that’s the emotion I wanted people to feel whenever they look at it. Feeling contempt for your neighbours is exactly what it means to be European.’

Just in case anyone should want my opinion as a graphic designer, I think that it is utterly shit; a confusing mish-mash of colours and style which, rather than conveying strength in diversity, does rather brilliantly encapsulate the sense that nothing gels and that every country is pulling in its own direction and entirely in its own interests.

Of course, as Gillibrand has highlighted, one can always delight when one of the little piggies is caught with his cock in his secretary as well as his nose in the trough.
José Manuel Barroso, European Commission president, on Wednesday attempted to shore up the position of Günter Verheugen, the embattled European Union enterprise commissioner, in the face of intensifying media criticism of his conduct.

Mr Barroso said the German social democrat enjoyed "all my confidence" following renewed attacks of his decision to make his long-time friend Petra Erler his head of cabinet earlier this year.

A rather elderly but nevertheless fucking typically ludicrous directive is the one demanding that drivers put their lights on during the day.
The Times today reports that Roads Minister Ladyman is 'losing the battle' to prevent EU meddlers from imposing 'daytime running lights' on all motorised vehicles across Europe - including the UK.

Safe Speed believes that daytime running lights would increase the dangers experienced by vulnerable road user groups.

Will someone please explain to me why the fuck drivers need to have their lights on during daylight hours? What the fuck is the point? And surely they are then going to pile out more and more of the emissions that everyone is so worried about?

Wonko also has a pithy comment on this piece of shit legislation.
Enough is enough. I’m not going to comply with any more foreign laws. It is against the law for any foreign power to run this country and I think I’m perfectly within my rights to refuse to recognise any law coming from the European Federation.
And I doe declare That no Forreigne Prince Person Prelate, State or Potentate hath or ought to have any Jurisdiction Power Superiority Preeminence or Authoritie Ecclesiasticall or Spirituall within this Realme Soe helpe me God.
Bill of Rights

Go read.

The Dark Heretic points to the old idea about Britain being broken into EuroRegions, but also adds another dimension.
The article says that the EU proposes to take control of Englands territorial waters to create a common EU maritime space and is designed to simplify trade around Europe.

I must say, it has been so long since we have been a serious Naval power that I had not considered this aspect. Still, it does fit in very neatly with EUReferendum's scathing attack on the MSM about their laziness in reporting the fish catastrophe.
This comes from Gerd Hubold, the general-secretary of ICES, who has told the uncritical Times that the main problem is that although cod catches have been cut to 26,500 tonnes a year, more than twice that amount is being caught in bycatches by fishermen chasing other species such as haddock, whiting, hake and plaice.

Fishermen, we are told, "accidentally" caught about 50,000 tonnes of cod last year, and have to throw the dead fish back in the sea because it is classed as an illegal catch.

Helen's obituary and peon to Lord Harris of High Cross should also be read: he was a great man and his passing is deeply mourned.

Meanwhile, that legislation on EU patents we thought had been laid to rest has reared its ugly head again.
European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso said he aims to submit new proposals for a single EU patent system by next spring.

He called on member states to adopt 'a pragmatic approach' to the issue.

This is, of course, entirely consistent with the EU's usual approach of vote, vote and vote again until they get the "right" answer.

Meanwhile, two EU diplomats have been expelled from Ethiopia.
The European Union has condemned the Ethiopian Government for expelling two European Union diplomats. Ethiopia has accused the two of smuggling what it calls criminals into Kenya that are wanted by the government.

Presumably Ethiopia has also told the EU to fuck right off.

Extending this week's multimedia capabilities, can I also point you to this video over at The Englishman's? The forum that it is advertising was set up by UKIP members (ones who I believe have now left, in fact) which brings me neatly onto Nigel Farage being interviewed on TalkSport (eh?) by James Whale; it is long but does show an awful lot of support for UKIP's position (and highlights how few people are actually aware of quite to what extent the EU controls our everyday lives).

Still, it's hardly surprising when our state broadcaster—funded, mark you, with extorted money—carries such blatant bias.

One of the most important things to happen recently, of course, is that businesses seem to be waking up to the fact that the EU is not... well... entirely good news.
New ICM poll of 1,000 businesses:
  • 52% think the EU is “failing”

  • 54% think EU over-regulation “outweighs” the benefit of the Single Market

  • 60% think the UK should renegotiate to reduce its involvement in the EU to free trade only

A new ICM poll of 1,000 Chief Executives, commissioned by Open Europe, finds that businesses feel that the European Union is moving in the wrong direction, and producing too much costly regulation.

Still, it may be too late, as the EUrocrats seem determined to go ahead with the Constitution.
UK liberal MEP Andrew Duff will on Wednesday (18 October) present his "Plan B: how to rescue the European Constitution" amid a re-emerging debate across Europe on the fate of the charter after French and Dutch voters rejected it in 2005.

"We are now at two years on since the signing of the constitution," he told EUobserver. "It is about time we pressed on with Plan B."

But you see? Out of deference to the French and Dutch "no" votes, they are just going to call it something different; don'cha luv it!

Never mind. Here to entertain us is a Royale with cheese...

Now, why not have a look at the history of our EU Budget Rebate (noting the Beeb's somewhat... er... massaged figures), especially now that Blair has consigned the rebate to the dustbin of history.

Finally, if you get bored, why not check to find out where all those farm subsidies go to exactly; it'll help to while away the time until the next roundup which will definitely be here next Sunday morning.

Remember, you can join the EUsceptic Bloggers Yahoo group, which gave rise to this roundup, and which is moderated by our very own Serf.

So that's the EUsceptic Roundup for this week: please send your nominations, throughout the week, to dk[AT]devilskitchendesign[DOT]com with "Eurosceptic Roundup" as the subject line.

Toodle pip!


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