Monday, October 23, 2006

Asking MPs to use the NHS

Doc Crippen is still throwing his weight behind the petition to persuade MPs to use the NHS and, through suffering its predations, improve it.
Richard Solomon, of Our Petition, has already written extensively on Webcameron about the question.

And still no answer from David Cameron.

He may be hoping it is going to go away. It is not. It is being taken up all over the Internet and the silence from the Cameron camp is deafening. Odd, really, because David has already made his position clear:

Or was it just humbug? Dr Crippen would like an answer. Guido would like an answer. Tim Worstall would like an answer. Wat Tyler would like an answer. The Devil would like an answer.

There is an important principle behind Solomon’s petition. Put simply, until such time as the great and the good start using the NHS—and the state education system—neither will improve.

Young Doc Crippen is putting words in my mouth: I have no desire to see politicians using the NHS. Why?

Because, like Ann Widdecombe, I believe that those who can pay for their own medical treatment should do so: as far as I am concerned—with a salary of nearly £60,000 and "expenses" which are often twice that—our politicians are more than capable of paying for their health care.

The NHS was set up to help the very poor who were unable to pay for treatment and this is the only basis on which today's NHS can even have a hope of surviving. If Doc Crippen wants the NHS to improve, then those who can pay must do so. But most of all, the idea that politicians will only make a decent effort to fix the NHS if they have to use it really pisses me right off.

We elect you MPs to do those things that we as individuals are incapable of doing: get off your fat arses, you dreadful, awful, shitty, fucking cunts and do your fucking jobs! We shouldn't have to fucking blackmail you into it, you unspeakable fountains of pus-riddled horse spunk. Fuck you, fuck you and fuck you again.

Now fucking sort it out, or I'm coming after all 600-odd of you with an oxyacetylene torch and some really harsh words...

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Umbongo said...

Isn't this petition a bit naive? When the great and the good use the NHS it's not the NHS the rest of us have to put up with. There was an interesting thread on Dr Crippen's [1] blog concerning the use of the NHS by, for instance, Dennis Skinner who - I understand - received express treatment for his heart condition. I believe Dr C has said in the past that emergency heart treatment is one of the things the NHS happens to do pretty well. As well as receiving excellent treatment, I'm sure Mr Skinner savoured the joys of his mixed ward, was able to feed himself in the immediate aftermath of the operation and used lavatories which had been cleaned at least once since the previous Christmas.


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