Wednesday, October 18, 2006

18 Doughty Street again

18DoughtyStreet seems to be settling down, I'm glad to say. Tonight's shows have been good (although I don't really go for the Culture Clash very much, but that's because of my personal lack of interest rather than anything to do with the show itself).

The technical problems which I whinged about a few days ago seem to have been sorted out and, fortuitously, I have not had to endure Zoe-Ann Phillips's stupidity again. One does slightly wonder what box Rena Valeh ticks though: whilst she seems pleasant enough, she doesn't really seem to have any particular opinions on—or, indeed, knowledge of—current politics. Perhaps she will develop.

However, Iain Dale's Vox Politics tonight was really good, I think. Mainly because I contributed a few comments, obviously. Plus, of course, Iain made reference to your humble Devil as a "good friend of Tim Montgomerie" although he was unable to repeat what my opinion of Tim was (whose programmes tonight, I'll grudgingly admit, have been rather enjoyable too).

Actually though, I think that it is watching 18DoughtyStreet live that really makes a difference (up till now, I have always watched the feed the day after). It is when doing so that it feels like watching television, rather than a simple webcast, but the almost instant interactivity—such as sending in comments that are read out minutes later—makes it far more responsive and enjoyable than ordinary television (at least to a proselytising political curmudgeon such as myself).

So if you haven't watched it in this way, and engaged in the debate as described, I do very much recommend it.

UPDATE: another "Oh god, no!" moment with Tim Montgomerie whilst he was interviewing Stephen Twigg. Tim asked if we would see The Gobblin' King unilaterally dropping trade barriers to the Developing World, to which Stephen Twigg replied that he thought that we would see such a thing.

The correct answer here is: "no, we will not see that because—as a member of the European Union—we cannot negotiate unilateral trade deals; and it is this very factor that may cost us up to 10% of GDP which is currently about £100 billion a year (which rather dwarfs the Tories' proposed £21 billion of tax cuts)". Wordy but comprehensive, I think.

For fuck's sake, talk about the elephant in the room (along with two people who are either ignorant or mendacious)...


Ian said...

"Infinitely more" vegetables? I guess that explains El Gordo's tax policies - if he taxes us to infinity (for our own good), we'll be really wealthy as well, somehow.

And this entry reads a bit *too* much like Scary Duck. Maybe Patsy wants to grow her own tomatoes too :-)

Ian said...

FFS, something fucked up which entry this was on.

Umbongo said...


For these people (almost 650 of whom inhabit the Palace of Westminster) there is no "elephant in the room". All that heavy breathing and shit all over the place is in your (and my) imagination.

Mr Free Market said...

I just wonder if the interesting take on this is that with No18 & Timmy appearing more & more in The Times, have the 'kids in pajamas' suddenly become 'the man'?

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