Friday, September 29, 2006

Where The Left Went Wrong: The Director's Cut

I would really like to quote Tim Newman's whole post here, as it's just wondrful: please go and read the whole thing. But here's an extract.
But I think Aaronovitch is wasting his time as it is staggeringly obvious, and always has been, where the left has gone wrong.

After all, they were wrong about the Russian revolution, they were wrong about the Russian civil war, they were wrong about Lenin and the intentions of the Bolsheviks, they were hopelessly naive about the Spanish civil war, they were wrong about the threat posed by Hitler, they were wrong about Stalin, they were wrong about post-war Europe, they were wrong about North Korea, wrong about Mao and China, wrong about East Germany and the Berlin Wall, wrong about NATO and the Warsaw Pact, wrong about the Vietnamese communists, wrong about Fidel Castro and Cuba, wrong about the deployment of US missiles into Europe, wrong about Ronald Reagan, wrong about Afghanistan, and wrong on the entire communist experiment and its millions upon millions of victims.

So excuse my sceptism, but if you’re going to make a documentary on where the left has gone wrong, it needs to be a 12-part DVD box set with special pull-out wall chart.

And it continues in the same vein. It's absolutely delicious and had me drooling my appreciation like I was fat bastard, Roy Hattersley, watching the closing of the last private school in Britain.

God I hate Leftists. And Hattersley.

P.S. As you may know, Tim and his wife (congratulations, by the way) have moved to Sakhalin Island (yes, I did have to look it up). I wonder what it's like...
So, we’ve been here just over a week and are beginning to get a feel for what the place will be like to live in. Summed up in one word: grim.

Go and read the rest; there were a lot of elements to it that surprised me, e.g. I thought that property would be very cheap in the arse-end of nowhere where nobody but a total lunatic would want to live, but apparently not.

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That's why lefties who - eventually - see the light are so angry (cf Melanie Phillips). Can you imagine spending some of the best years of your life believing in and defending the tripe listed by Tim? Even you would be slightly put out.

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