Friday, September 29, 2006

What's my age again?

This government really are fucking things up royally, aren't they? I mean, for fuck's sake, it seems that they are about to breach their own laws again.
Laws being introduced on Sunday, which ban age discrimination at work, could endanger the minimum wage system, a business group has warned.

Workers aged under 21 can currently be paid less than their older colleagues.

But the British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) said this may be considered discriminatory and be open to legal challenge under the new legislation.

Of course, in the world of the Lefties, this can only be a good thing because now everyone will get the same level of minimum wage, right?
"They are in a pickle. If this were the subject of a legal challenge, based on the new age law, the government may put the minimum wage rates of the under-21s up to the same level as the over-21s."

The BCC warned that if this were to happen firms would be less likely to hire young people.

In other news, bears continue to shit in the woods and it is commonly reckoned that the Pope is not Islamic. It is already difficult enough to get a job; whilst some of my friends did graduate and go straight into good jobs (or graduate training schemes), a great many have not. Some are still working in pubs and restaurants; others did so for years until they found a job they wanted; some went and worked in the public sector and nearly hanged themselves out of boredom and frustration. And these people all had good degrees.

Employers are always going to favour experience over youthfulness (unless they are running a paedophile ring); the counter to that is that young people cost less to employ, so it is worth hiring and then training them. By the time that you have to pay them the full whack, then they have got the experience: even better, they have got the experience of the way that your firm works.

If this law stops that, then I weep for the youth of today (and their job prospects). I also weep for the parents who are never going to be able to get the little buggers out from under them and get some peace and quiet have the pleasure of seeing their darling child fly the nest.
Some unions and charities have suggested that the laws do not go far enough as they do not offer protection to people over 65.

On Thursday, the High Court agreed to hear a case brought by charity Heyday based on the argument that forcing people to leave work just because of their age contravenes European employment law.

The case will be heard on 6 December, and could lead to a full judicial review of the age laws.

That's fine; let people work for as long as they want to. If they get to the stage where they can no longer do the job, sack them.

By the way, I am aware that this law originates in the EU: anyone know the exact provenance?


Anonymous said...

"By the way, I am aware that this law originates in the EU: anyone know the exact provenance?"

IHT article here

It has its origins in "The Framework Directive for Equal Treatment in Employment and Occupation"

more here about it

it was adopted in November 2000.

Gawain Towler said...

Godfrtey Bloom MEP will be talking about this aspect on the Jeremy Vine show at midday.

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