Friday, September 22, 2006

Wellington has just emailed me the final printer's proofs of UKIP's Tax Proposals: these are being launched officially on October 3 and I have been asked not to disclose anything (other than what I have said already) until then.

Suffice to say, advocates of a high Personal Tax Allowance and a Flat Tax (indeed, any fans of tax simplification) are going to be happy.

I am going to write a detailed post over the next week or so that I can publish it as soon on October 3 as I am authorised to do so.


James Higham said... soon on...

or soon after... ?

Devil's Kitchen said...


... as soon on...

Basically, as soon as I know the time that they are officially launching the policy (in Bournemouth, I believe, to piss off the Tories), then that is the time that my post and the policy document will be posted.


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