Friday, September 15, 2006

Via Timmy's enquiry, I find this page for ranking your site in Google.

Google PR™ - Post your Page Rank with

Now all I need to know is what the hell that means? It's ranked out of ten, I guess...? And does it use a similar idea to Technoranki, which also rates this blog at 5?


Mr Eugenides said...

Can't be for quality :-)

Anonymous said...

Page rank is a way to measure your website's Google searchability. In other words if someone were to enter 'devil' and 'kitchen' into google search (or any other phrase that is defined or present on your site), what are the chances your website will appear on the first Google result pages. It is ranked according to a combination of a lot of factors, amongst them, meta content, website's title, relation between content and predefined keywords, words that link to the site and so on.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Aye, thought it would be something like that. I seem to be doing OK on that score.


MatGB said...

Max's explanation sort of covers it, but mixes in some stuff not related tot eh number itself.

Pagerank is how many people of high page rank link to you. It's dynamic and subject to regular updates. The more incoming links you have, the better off you are. The more outgoing links you have, the less each individual link is worth. One of the reasons I've reduced the blogroll down at the new place, and Bloggerheads only links to a small number of people, once you get passed 100 outgoing links,t hey become pointless anyway.

It's for any search term as well, not just DK. That's why us bloggers get weird referrals at times, we have lots of incoming links, and Google will give a best guess when someone is searching for something badly.

Learning how PR works has been part of the fun of blogging, now I need to figure out how to make money out of it. Shouldn't be too hard, people pay silly money to people much worse than me at it. Then, they also keep hiring crap web designers; does it annoy you seeing badly done sites as much as it annoys me to see hard to navigate sites?

Katy Newton said...

I don't understand anything in this article at all, but I am sure it will make perfect sense to you webby types.

Matthew Sinclair said...

It is all about the links but is an incredibly poor guide to the 'size' of a blog: My blog also gets a 5, does that mean they're equally well known? I doubt it.

A better measure is the Truth Laid Bear ecosystem which seems to highlight differences in the scale of blogs quite well.

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