Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Traitors to a man

Prodicus on the EU in a post that makes me want to leap up and down, punching the air and yelling, "yes! Yes! Yes!"
We have never been a police state. Unlike all other European countries, we have never forced our citizens to carry identity papers. The phrase 'Show me your papers' encapsulates all that is foreign to our idea of the proper relationship between ourselves and our government.

Those who have sold us into this awful dictatorship of bureaucrats, starting with the egregious piece of shit, Heath, and continuing through to that fucking little cunt, Blair, and his enthusiasm for the Social Chapter, are fucking traitors.

Heath's body should be dug up, dismembered and his stinking head displayed on the battlements of the Tower; Blair should be impeached and tried for high treason. Unfortunately and, ironically, because of an EU ruling, Blair has ensured that treason is no longer a capital offence. But fuck it, we'll hang him in the public square anyway, like the common criminal that he is.

Fucking traitors, to the Crown and to the British people, the fucking lot of them. Execute them now.

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Michael Rock said...


Thanks for the link, it's a great post but as I commented over at Prodicus:

"Just one minor point: the National Registration Act (1939) did actually compel Britons to carry identity cards.

The Act was repealed after a gent refused to show his identity card following a minor traffic incident."

The good sense of the judge did a damn site more for our liberty than any bastard politician.


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