Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tech colleges

Go away, nothing to see here.
Colleges and schools are being assured a scheme that has enabled tens of thousands of pupils to do vocational courses in colleges is not at risk.

The Increased Flexibility Programme in England is credited with improving youngsters' behaviour and school attendance, as well as their skills.

But it will no longer have specific funding - which some fear will mean schools no longer taking part.

The government has said it does not expect any reduction in provision.

Expect reduction in provision as from approximately... now...

Still, this article does make a nice point about academic and non-academic youngsters, as I outlined in the UKIP Education assessment.
Andrew Watts is a 15-year-old high school student who saw a presentation about motor vehicles and successfully applied for a place on a college Level 1 course last year.

He is now in his second year of day release, with a guarantee of a place at the college to study higher level qualifications next year.

What he enjoys is the hands-on nature of the motor vehicle maintenance he is learning - something he could not do at school.

"In school you are learning out of books. Here you are learning on the real thing - I prefer doing things to reading books," he said.

Some enjoy their book learning and some like their hands-on practicality; the polytechs should never have been (effectively) abolished. Cheers, Major, you fuckwit.

Still, expect the provision for these courses to be cut, simply on the basis that NuLabour apparachiks have said that it won't be.

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