Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Spineless fuckers and the EU

Right, first up, will you totalitarian fuckers in the EU just piss off? I didn't vote for you, I've never had the chance to vote for you, I don't like your cunting guilty-until-proven-innocent justice system and I don't want it here, OK?

So that goes for you too, you spineless NuLabour cunts.
Ministers were accused last night of planning to abandon Britain's EU veto over sensitive justice and home affairs matters in a move that would see parts of the European constitution introduced "by the back door".

David Davis, the shadow home secretary, said he was "astonished" that such a move was even being considered, after Geoff Hoon, the Europe minister, refused to rule out moving to majority voting in decisions on EU police and judicial co-operation.

Listen to me, Hoon, you useless piece of shit; this isn't just procedural, you know. We are talking about a fundamental change in the way in which our justice system works. Don't you dare let it be decided by majority voting. Fuck you.
In a furious letter to John Reid, the Home Secretary, Mr Davis said: "To surrender the veto would directly contradict the pledge given by the former foreign secretary that 'there is no plan, proposal or intention to slip elements of the constitution through the back door'."

He added: "Retaining the national veto over policing, our courts and our criminal laws is vital to the UK national interest and to the rights of British citizens."

It's nice to see that at least one Tory has managed to hang onto his balls; good for him.
In 2003, the government stated in a White Paper that "we will insist that unanimity remains for. . . key areas of criminal procedural law".

But Mr Hoon conceded that one consequence of the Finnish discussion "could be the application of qualified majority voting to some part of EU police and judicial co-operation."

No, no, no: fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you mendacious, disingenuous cunt. Go fuck youself and die.


Glass House said...

Isn't it more likely that Labour are just trying to engineer a spat about the EU to bring all the Tory loons out of the woodwork and show how little the Tory party has changed?

Devil's Kitchen said...

That's a devious mind you've got there, Glasshouse...


wonkotsane said...

But to be fair, most people in the UK hate the EU and the Tories saying the Labour Stazi should give away our veto on justice isn't going to damage them.

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