Friday, September 22, 2006

A request

Apologies, was in A Mood.

Usually the Beelzebubble links are worth following though.

Cheers all.

Still, here's a piece of amusement.

Tony Blair's Last Supper

Courtesy of The Spine, a very funny satirical blog.


Tim Newman said...

Hnngghh? If you recommend a post from another blogger, or to a lesser extent an MSM piece, I usually click through to it.

But if you are commenting on a piece in the newspaper but not necessarily recommending it, and you only comment on a paragraph you've quoted, I'm not going to bother reading the whole article. For one thing, it won't have any swearing in.

CityUnslicker said...

shurely my clicking on the interesting adverts is better eh?

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the link.

I agree, it's a funny business about getting linked. I've had a few visitors from this post already, though I agree, traffic is usually tiny. God knows how us newbies ever get traffic, though, strangely, whenever I mention midgets, I get a traffic spike. ;o)

Devil's Kitchen said...


I've been meaning to link for ages (and you appeared ahead of me on The List!) but just never quite got around to it.

I hopped about on comments a lot, I think. Oh, and the Blogger Cabinet thing helped, although it was not intended as a traffic-growing enterprise.

I've been pretty stable with about 15% per month growth over the last year or so.


Anonymous said...

LOL DK. How I got on 'The List' I don't know but I'm grateful for all votes of confidence... Especially when my sever keeps buggering up like it's at this very moment and I'm sitting here, chewing my nails, waiting for somebody to reboot the damn thing. Couldn't have happened on a worse day. [Cue sound of sobbing...]

Thanks for the tips. I know I don't do enough commenting but I'm also away that my site is nothing but my idiotic ramblings. I'm off to check out your 'Blogger Cabinet'... ;o)


Anonymous said...

One of Jesus' disciples contributed to his demise in return for 30 pieces of silver.

Which one of the people in the picture isn't supposed to be Judas?

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