Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Not the Northern Alliance O'Clock News

Continuing upon the theme of Richard North's "very present madness", Matthew Sinclair has a very good post up on the subject.
There's a somewhat fierce debate underway between Richard North and, well, everyone else as the focus of his rage has moved from the EU and MoD to the UK blogosphere.

Well, there would be a fierce deabte if Richard were actually taking any place in it. He no doubt thinks that our defence of our position and, frankly, our right to blog as we damn well please is the merest proof of our unfitness to indulge in this past-time.

As others have pointed out, Iain Dale, much as Richard may despise him, has done rather more than most to actually bring the British blogosphere to the attention of the MSM and our politicians. He has had an impact. I'm afraid that I do not read Richard's buddy Booker's page in the Telegraph much but, on the times that I have, I have seen no mention of the blogosphere at all. Perhaps Richard might like to try to change this?

Matt points out that there are many different kinds of blogs, and characterises them under different headings:
  • Investigative

  • Analysis

  • Rapid reaction (wherein The Kitchen is designated)

  • Gossip

  • Roundup

And then Matt reinforces the main point.
Of course most blogs are a mix but the important thing to note from this analysis is that all good blogs do not and should not look the same. Becker-Posner and Devil's Kitchen are polar opposites but both enrich the political debate. Richard North does not have the handle he thinks he does on what the blogosphere and media should consist of.

No, he does not. As Iain says:
Perhaps Richard North would like to climb back into his pram and pick his toys up before he does so.

Richard can carry on saving the world, one turgid headline at a time: I shall continue to call Tony a cunt.

By the way, do you think that Cherie ever dons a strap-on to take Toni up the arse? And doesn't she get blinded by the sunlight shining out of it...?


CityUnslicker said...

of course he loves it that did he live with Mandy for 3 years and keep smiling otherwise?

Prodicus said...

OT: Bastard. I go away for a few days and come back to see you've posted forty-five sodding posts. I have work to do, you know. No offence.

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