Thursday, September 28, 2006

More "what is the point?" discussions

I have been having a small contre temps with Dr North.

See this thread on EU Referendum forum for fun and frolics.

UPDATE: Not really intended as a comment on this topic, but relevent anyway, The England Project believes that blogging serves as a safety valve.
I’m willing to bet that a great many bloggers, many of them popular with wide readerships, started blogging because they were sick and tired of being force fed spin, obfuscation, lies and deliberate ignorance by the powerful or by those seeking to be powerful.

THAT, it is my firm belief, is why a significant number of people turned to political blogging. It’s the evolution of shouting at the TV screen.

This is interesting because it backs up Richard's idea of blogs being important for delivering a message, but also my idea of blogs as purely selfish devices to let off rage.

Meanwhile, Chris Dillow believes that Richard does have a point but then lays out the reasons why he believes that blogs are fundamentally different to the MSM (not whether they should be different).
For me, the ideal isn't to influence "important actors", but to abolish them - in both the MSM and in politics. And because this ideal is unattainable, the next best thing is to ignore them.

Interesting posts, both. Go read.


Matthew Sinclair said...

Why on Earth is he pretending that discussing his "ideas" on our blogs, in public, instead of his forum is some sort of cowardice? As if that's the default location for such discourse.

I was going to respond but there's no way I'm registering as a member of his site to respond to that.

Anonymous said...

I've been following this with some bemusement. I don't write for Dr North; I write for me. I write what I wish; whatever takes my fancy.

I wasn't aware that there were rules or responsibilities (apart, that is, the usual regarding libel). That's because there aren't any rules or responsibilities.

Let Dr North do his thing and let others do theirs. If Dr North doesn't like it... well, too bad, I shan't lose any sleep over it.

I'll carry on as before, then...

Anonymous said...

Chris Dillow does have a point. In my own case, and I am a voracious political junkie, about 5 years ago, i would buy at least 2 broadsheets per day and I would watch C4 news ,ITN and the BBC each day , with Newsnight in the evening.

Nowadays, its down to the odd Sunday paper (if they have a freebie DVD or CD), and maybe C4 news once a week, with the odd Newsnight thrown in. The vast bulk of my news fix now is entirely from the blogs. I use Google News to get an overview of the main headlines - a kind of 6 o'clock news fix, but its the blogs to where i get my "newsnight" fix nowadays.

Now, thats a radical change to 5 years ago - one can only wonder how many other people out there have also changed.

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