Saturday, September 30, 2006

More admin notes, I'm afraid. Firstly, on Gronk's Letters Home album, the first live bonus track, Manda, had two very bad bits of feedback. Thanks to the power of Amadeus II (only $30 and well worth it. Or try the 15 days of use trial version), I have now been able to edit this song: the first bit of feedback has been removed completely, and the other is considerably reduced.

Secondly, I am actually going to London next week and shall be there from Sunday afternoon until Thursday evening (and trotting to Bournemouth on Tuesday for the UKIP Tax Note launch) so blogging may be light. Having said that, I shall be staying with the pater, who has broadband, a lovely iMac and work to do during the week, so maybe I will be writing as normal. Who knows?

Anyway, I shall be leaving the UKIP Tax Note comment on here as a draft and will ask one of The Kitchen's contributors to post it at 11am on Tuesday morning (I shall be travelling at the time).

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