Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Miliband cleans up his act

Well, sort of. Actually, he joined in with a televisual stunt, but at least something good might have come from it.
I was in Burnt Oak, London on Sunday morning playing a small part in the ITV big clean-up … a nationwide attempt to tap into the sense that if we can't sort out the local environment how can we take care of the international environment.

Well, this is really noble, David, but you have fucked up the pronouns. What you should have written is that "if you can't sort out the local environment how can you take care of the international environment." If people really want to have a tidy neighbourhood, then they actually have to work at keeping it that way.

Unfortunately, all that you have proved is that if people lie around doing fuck all for long enough, someone else will come and doing the cleaning up for them. This can be used as an analogy for a whole raft of other things too: see if you can think of some…
The day brought together CSV, the nationwide volunteering charity, and ITV. We painted, planted and hacked … hopefully residents will notice the difference.

Yes, I expect they will. But I shouldn't expect the neighbourhood to remain clean and tidy.

Plus, of course, if I were one of the residents, I would be inclined to ask—given the extortionate levels of Council Tax—why the Council hadn't done the fucking job in the first place.

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