Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Laughing at Fate

Via Samizdata, it seems that No2ID (of which I am a member and one of the ID Card refuseniks) are organising a comedy gig to raise funds and, of course, awareness.

The Who do you think you are? line-up is as follows:
  • Dara O` Briain [Very good comedian and a very nice man to boot—DK]

  • Paul Sinha (Perrier award nominee 2006)

  • Josie Long (Perrier best newcomer 2006)

  • Kevin Eldon

  • Wil Hodgson (Perrier best newcomer 2004) [Very good in a whimsical way—DK]

  • Gary Le Strange (Perrier best newcomer 2003)

  • Andrew O`Neill

  • Janie Phayre

  • Lucy Porter [Excellent comedienne, all round nice person and one of the shortest specimens of full-grown humanity that I have ever seen; is she even 5ft...?—DK]

  • Ben Norris

  • with MC Daniel Kitson [Acknowledged as one of the most talented guys on the circuit—DK]

Sunday 1st October 2006, Hackney Empire, 291 Mare Street, London, E8 1EJ .
Doors: 7.30 Tickets: £12.50
Box Office 020 8985 2424 or book online at or click on the attractive button below...

All proceeds to NO2ID. Produced for us by Matty Mitford with Lucy Porter out of the goodness of their hearts.

Who Do You Think You Are?

On you go, lads and lassies. If I manage to dredge up some cash, I may even go myself...

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Anonymous said...

If I manage to dredge up some cash, I may even go myself

I know that feeling. I can make it IF I drive to London next week and travel back for work the next day. But driving will cost me more than train/bus, which means I might not be able to actually go in the first place.

Still, a week in London sleeping on a friends sofa is a good way to spend a holiday, right?

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