Wednesday, September 27, 2006

John Reid and management

As Mr E predicted a while back, this week's Spectator carried an interview entitled John Reid is not ruling himself out. As in many of these things, Reid didn't actually come off too badly, but I found this particular paragraph significant.
New Labour, according to the Home Secretary, is not a branding campaign but "a mindset. It is a recognition that no sooner have you analysed today’s world and reach policies that relate to that, that the world has moved on a bit and the world includes the aspirations and expectations of ordinary people. So what was good for them ten years ago may not be sufficient for them today as they become more educated, more affluent, more demanding..."

Really. He is right: people's expectation, but also their needs, do change constantly. Which is why NuLabour are such a failure, because one evident truth has not occurred to them.

If people needs change constantly and government reacts too slowly to those needs, which it does, then you might realise that TRYING TO MICROMANAGE EVERYTHING IS NOT THE FUCKING ANSWER, IT'S THE SODDING PROBLEM.

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