Friday, September 29, 2006

Jack Idema newsflash

Jack And Brent Are In Serious Trouble

While two-faced, Taliban-appeasing Afghan President Karzai spends a week in the U.S. lecturing everyone on how to deal with terrorism, back in Afghanistan, Jack Idema and Brent Bennett are fighting for their lives:
As of 11:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time [Thursday], Idema’s compound in Pulacharke is burning. Bennett has been taken by forces loyal to Karzai to the Al-Qaeda portion of the prison, where rumor has it, and it is reasonable to presume, he is being tortured.

Well, yes, we have been here before -- Jack and Brent have survived more than a dozen assassination attempts in the past. This time, however, they're under direct attack from forces loyal to Karzai, who have already captured Brent and handed him over to Al-Qaeda prisoners in their section of the prison.

Before his communications were cut-off, Jack Idema had the following to say late Thursday:
"This is it, Karzai and the US has finally ordered them to use weapons against us, the new General Sadiqi, has said that he was given orders to shoot to kill if we resisted. We may not make it through the night. if not, bye. At least you know what finally went down. They are going to cut all the phones off in this area soon if they do come in. My block is on fire, surrounded, and they already got Brent, I will hold out to the end.
Goodbye friends,

This does not look good, not good at all.

UPDATE: According to an email from Kender, who Jack managed to contact earlier today, the situation now is that Jack now has Northern Alliance protection, and that Karzai's goons have backed off for the time being.

However. Captain Brent Bennett is still missing, presumed to be stuck in the al-Qaeda section of the prison. If this is the case, clearly, his life is at great risk.

Here's Kender, quoting Jack:
[Jack] mentioned something about Karzai's guys finding out what a 5 gallon can of gas and a Zippo lighter would do… I don't know what he did but I think at the moment he is safe.

Also. Jack is receiving 'conflicting reports' concerning Brent's whereabouts. As soon as we learn anything definite, or just what happened with regard to Karzai's troops and that '5 gallon can of gas' we'll let you know.


Gavin said...

Someone needs to explain this whole Idema business to me again, cos I've never understood it, it makes no sense. Like or loathe the USA, it doesn't generally disown its own special agents and abandon them to the enemy for no reason. I dunno, something tells me we're interfering in spooks' territory here. That's why, although I feel for the guy, I never got onboard with this JI blogburst thing, I thought, for all I knew this could be harming him more than helping him. Hope I'm wrong, and hope he's OK.

James Higham said...

I'm with this last point of view. We don't know enough about the actuality of the thing to know precisely where to place our sympathy. Good f-ing luck this evening,by the way,DK.

Devil's Kitchen said...

There are conflicting rumours about this case: was Idema on Black Ops, as he claims, or was he simply an unofficial bounty-hunter? I basically summed up my attitude in this post, back in May.

"Whether [Idema & Co.] were in Afganistan with or without the US's blessing, whether they were operating as part of the army or as the freelancers that many allege them to be; these things are irrelevent. The government should protect its people and, whichever way you cut it, the US government has signally failed in that duty."

That's basically what I think; some claim that Idema is a frauster. OK, if that is the case, he should be serving a sentence in a US jail. Some say that he was Black Ops; if that is the case, the US could easily cut a deal to get him out. Some say that he is a bounty=hunting freelancer; still, if that is the case, he is hunting people who are in theory also wanted by the Afghan government, so why are they in jail.

In any circumstances, if they should be in jail, then they should be in a US jail. We are civilised and we should not be leaving our citizens in a hell-hole where they are tortured and, any way you cut it, do not receive a fair trial.


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