Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I don't suppse that someone out there knows of anyone who can do fluent English to Portuguese translation? There is a considerable amount of commercial written translation work potentially on the table (from a big international firm), and the group that contacted me (tangentially as it happens) are short of a Portuguese speaker. Timmy?

They don't need to be officially qualified—they will be assessed anyway—so do drop me an email if you are or know anyone who might fit the bill. No guarantees, mind, but potentially it could be quite well-paid.

UPDATE: it is possible that someone who can do English to German would also be needed.

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Scarlett McQueen said...

To find a suitable translator, you can post a potential job offer on, probably the most comprehensive English translators website.

(This is not a spam, I am just a friendlly translator offering advice!)

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