Tuesday, September 19, 2006


My Blogroll has become very out of date recently, so I have done a bit of housekeeping. You will find the following categories:
  1. Swearbloggers
    The name says it all really. People who rant, rave and swear: those bloggers who get really cross and make me laugh with it. I read these people once a day at the very least (provided they've written something; and most of them will have).

  2. Daily Reads
    Again, pretty self-explanatory really. These people post fairly often, usually once a day bar the odd hiatus, and I read them at least that often.

  3. Often Read
    Either I only read these people every few days, or they do not update often enough to be categorised as Daily Reads.

  4. Reciprocal Links
    Links to blogs that link to The Kitchen. I do occasionally read these people, but only very occasionally.

  5. Favourite Posts
    Both from The Kitchen and from other blogs.

I paid Blogrolling earlier in the year and did nothing much with my extended capabilities, but now my Blogrolls are all under the one account (rather than three separate ones in order to avoid paying) and these links will be kept fairly up to date. Cheers.


James Higham said...

Would I fall under the reciprocal link heading or never in a month of Sundays?

Anonymous said...

OK, DK. I give up. Where is the blogroll? Sorry, where is the mother****ing blogroll?

Devil's Kitchen said...

James, yes, sorry; you are now in the Often Read.

Tom, the blogroll is on my right sidebar: if you are using Internet Explorer, that may have dropped down right to the bottom of the page. This is a problem with IE that I cannot be bothered to correct (and it's tricky because I have no PC on which to run IE).


Anonymous said...

A swearblogger, eh? That's a compliment... right? Well, I'm taking it as one.

MatGB said...

DK, Fx on XP, and no blogrolls to be found at all, and I've hit hard refresh.

Massive advantage of Wordpress is having as many different categories as you like, and it's all on your own site. Plus, there seems to be a pocket industry out there of people selling wordpress themes, and they're all ugly. Reckon a decent designer could make some cash if he switched platform and practised a bit...

Reactionary Snob said...

A swearblogger! I'm so proud. I try to keep my sweariness to a minimum but then I go and read the Guardian...


Devil's Kitchen said...

Hi guys, the Blogrolls should be back on the archived pages now. Apologies for the misunderstanding.


Katy Newton said...


It is gratifying to still be included in your blogroll given that I am so unproductive at the moment.

And of course I salute your good taste in ladyblogs.

Emily said...


Thanks for the link

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