Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Via Iain Dale, it appears that the blog "which first uncovered AEG's misrepresentation of the Greenwich chaplaincy", Greenwich Watch, has been threatened by that Council.
It appears that the Council has had enough. We've received an email from Russell Power, the head of Legal, demanding that we stop using a logo similar to the Council's and, bizarrely, the same font and colour.

Err, what?
We have taken what Mr Powers has said and acted accordingly though. You will see above that there is no longer a rectangle, you will of course also note that there are only two lines and they are NOT the same as the Council's. We've also changed the legend to ensure no one get's confused.

Ha! Yes, they've changed it to "Scrutinising Greenwich Council because they're rubbish" which is not, I am sure, going to make the Councillors happy. I don't know anything about Greenwich, but one assumes that they are, indeed, a bit shit.
We're not going to change our use of the font though as it's a standard font available everywhere, as for the colour, we quite like green.

Quite right. They don't even use the same typeface*; from a quick search of my memory, I would say that Greenwich Watch use Tahoma, whereas Greenwich Council's banner (which is their official branding) definitely uses Gill Sans. Bar the fact that they are both Sans-serif typefaces, they have fuck all in common. And is the Council trying to claim the colour green for themselves? I don't fucking think so, sunshine.

Thus, I would like to add my support to Greenwich Watch, and I would like to convey a short message to Greenwich Council (which, according to their banner, is entirely peopled by women—half of whom are ugly, moronic-looking, white chavs with babies and the other half of which are Asian—and black men (but no male honkies)): go fuck yourselves.

That is all.

* Technical Note: although the terms are pretty much conflated these days, a typeface is the family of fonts, e.g. Gill Sans.

A font is the individual character set of the family, e.g. Gill Sans Italic, Gill Sans Black, etc.

The publishers of a typeface are still known as a type foundry.

And, please, this is for all of you amateur designers out there with your copies of Word or (if you are really... you know... pretty much a pro) Publisher: it is never, in any circumstances, acceptable to use Comic Sans. Ever. Or the bunny gets it.


MatGB said...

Faye wouldn't punch the Bunny. She'd get Dora to do it.

It took me 6 months at work to get the authority to ban Comic Sans. It took over a year to get rid of it entirely. It crept back on ad-hoc signs every so often. Then the new MD gave someone a formal warning for not using one of the templates our designer made. Which was nice.

Very weird legal letter from a very ill-informed laqyer. Ah well.

Anonymous said...

Heh. Comic Sans is awful, but mostly due to willful misuse rather than the typeface itself being bad.

There are times and places where it's an appropriate font to use. The problem is there aren't many such situations, yet it's used widely in entirely the wrong places.

One way to make people think about what fonts they use is to have them lay out some type for a printing press. Any change of mind means a lot of work, and when you've spent that much time putting everything down and sorting out the spacing, it makes you think about the fonts you use much more carefully.

Devil's Kitchen said...


I have been a print designer for 8 years, with 6 of those working in printhouses, so believe me I know.

No, I mean it: there really is no excuse for Comic Sans. I hate it as much as I loathe Gordo, and you know that that is a lot. The kerning is filthy, the ascenders and... Oh, no, hang on, let's just go to Wikipedia for the summary:

"Some font designers say that the typeface is poorly drawn, virtually equal weight being given to the downstrokes and horizontals, and little thought given to the kerning between character pairs, eliminating any of the informal characteristics of true hand-drawn lettering."

It is a shit typeface. When I said that there was never any excuse, I meant it. There are many, many better fonts for free download which convey the same impression but are better cast (here, for instance).

Unfortunately, many people are too stupid to understand how to actually install fonts onto their PC (and Windows makes it unnecessarily difficult anyway).


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