Friday, September 29, 2006

Free speech is not selective, damn it!

The Morning-Star reports that the charge against Stephen Green has been dropped; but then he goes way off course.
This is one face of religious intolerance in the UK. Stephen Green is the national director of Christian Voice and thinks he has the right to shove his biggoted religious views in your face.

He hates anyone who has views different to his own, and hopes, if your views are different to his, that you will burn in hell.

He was arrested in Cardiff for handing out anti gay leaflets at the Mardi Gras and is now intending to sue the police for arresting him. I hope he fails, he thinks that he was badly treated because he was held in a cell for four hours, he should have got a kicking for being an intolerant wanker, but he thinks he has the true faith.

Yes, the man is an intolerable fool, an intolerant bigot and—by virtue of his believing in an invisible, omnipotent, yet strangely unprovable friend—he is, by any sane measure, utterly delusional but he has a right to make his point as long as he is not doing anything criminal. And he wasn't: he was handing out flyers (and probably doing a bit of the old, "take one or you'll burn in hell" hustle, but what Edinburgh Fringe performer has never done that, eh?).

According to the Beeb, the police are dropping their charge for lack of evidence which doesn't sound to me like too many people were so offended and worried that they felt that they had to come forward and testify.
He was held in a police station for four hours and was charged with using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress after he refused to accept a caution from the force's Minorities Support Unit.

A fucking Minorities Support Unit? What the fuck is that when it's at home (or, rather, at a Mardi Gras)? Got a Majorities Support Unit as well, have you, guys? And where are all these distressed poofs and dykes to testify, anyway? Could it be that these "oppressed" minorties are just a wee bit more secure in their self-belief than the fucking cops are?

Mind you, this is quite funny given the fact that he is contemplating sueing them.
[Green] said: "The police should concentrate on nicking villains instead of people like me going about my lawful business."

That'll be great, Stephen, you fucking moron; they could be out "nicking villains" instead of appearing in court to defend their—admittedly pathetic—actions to you.

I think you should go fuck youself, Stephen; but just as I am allowed to say that, so I shall defend your right to say that homosexuals* shouldn't fuck each other.

* Please note that the word is promounced "hommoe-sexuals" (with "homo" meaning "same", as in homogeneous), not "hoe-moe" (meaning "man", as in Homo sapiens).


Anonymous said...

Bit unfair there DK: if Stephen could drag the "Minorities Support Unit" and/or the turds that arrested him into court and tie them up for a few days he'd be doing more good for "real" policing than all the government-induced "initiatives" you could name. It's highly doubtful that the MSI and the turds nick - let alone deal with - "ordinary criminals" at the best of times so whether or not they're defending themselves in court will make no difference to crime control in Cardiff. But it may get them to think twice (if they even thought once) about what policing is about.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I headed off the deep end, but fuckwits like Stephen green who want freedom of speech for themselves and yet try to deny it to others piss me right off...

Why can't he be a normal bigot and just write to the paper, then he can end his letter "Disgusted of Cardiff".

Anonymous said...

the morningstar

Green's views are ludicrous but, to him, so are mine. However, I don't think he's demanding - as you claim - that freedom of speech be restricted to those who echo the views of the "Christian Voice": evidence please.

Anonymous said...

Umbongo, have you read the website, have you heard him giving his views on the news?

If anything offends his christian sensibilities he wants it stopped.

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