Saturday, September 23, 2006

Following Tom Paine's comment, I suddenly thought that a weekly Swearblogger Roundup might be quite fun. Perhaps do it on a Saturday evening to get a link from the Britblog Roundup?

Feel free to nominate yourself and any others: let's try to keep it to three nominations per person per week, if that's OK; that will allow me to read through things properly. Of course, if the idea doesn't catch on, then it won't happen.

On the other hand, if a weekly roundup of amusingly insulting posts and cunning variations on the word "fuck" does appeal, send your nominations to: swearblogger[AT]gmail[DOT]com


Mr Eugenides said...

Starting today? I nominate everyone who put the boot into Hazel Blears.

And Polly. Except you; I think you have some, er, issues... :-)

Matthew Sinclair said...

I don't do swearing... I do posts about gay scat and the GWoT.


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