Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Embrace blogging

This was intended to be in my Hell of a Roundup but, alas, I forgot; Allan wrote a good post on why David Cameron should embrace proper blogging.
Engage with the dissenters. Tell them why you think they are wrong. Link to opinion formers. Link to the ordinary yet powerful bloggers like NHS Blog Doctor who can give a front line view of what is and what isn’t working in the NHS. These are the people that count. I trust Doc Crippen to tell me the truth about the state of the NHS before I would trust any Government spin doctor, Conservative or New Labour.

Above all, run it like a proper blog. Throw out ideas every day. Keep the public coming back. Don’t just use it as another PR tool or announcement platform.

Mr. Cameron, you may as well join in the debate because it is going to rage on with or without you.

Quite and, frankly, although it is, at present, a rather small proportion of the population who populate this here blogosphere, in general some of the most intelligent debate is happening here on the blogs.

People who can tell Cameron what it is like on the front line—the police blogs, the medical blogs, the law blogs, the train blogs, even the social worker blogs—are immensely popular simply because they tell us what is really happening: and they make a mockery of government spin. There are intelligent debates and reminders of social and economic theory being demonstrated and written about, on blogs, every, single day.

And the blogosphere is growing; Cameron must understand how it works because, by the time that he gets elected, many more people will be getting their news and opinions from blogs. The standard government spin, the tame press and the bland press releases simply won't work anymore: the government will be held to scrutiny by thousands of people whose jobs don't depend on being able to get tidbits fed to them by obliging ministers, or being able to get an interview with the Junior Minister for Paperclips's Assistant Secretary.

There is a bunch of people who absolutely will not stop holding the government to account, no matter what shade they are; many of the right-wing bloggers, who are so strong at present, are libertarians rather than Tories: if the Tories get into government and keep fucking about with the same-old, same-old then they will get a kicking doled out to them by the same free-trade libertarians who are currently putting the boot into Labour. There have, already, been occasional attacks on what little Tory policy we have seen (not least on this blog).

That, I suspect, is one of the points of Iain Dale's Non-Aligned Blogs List: these unaligned blogs won't stop criticising the government simply because that government is Labour, Tory or—heaven forfend—LibDem.

So, go on, Spam: blog properly and let's see what your ideas are (if you actually have any). Come to think of it, that reminds me of a Terrahawks episode, which apparently upset me when I was young, which involved the pitiable Master of Infinite Disguise (MOID) who could change his face at will. When, at the end, he is captured, he says sadly, "I wear many faces, but none of my own." This, apparently, made me burst into tears as a young boy. But enough of these reminiscences.

My point is that, at present, it could almost be Cameron saying sadly, "I wear many ideas, but none of my own." [Cue weeping from your humble Devil.]

Never mind, David; we've got quite a few for you: come and visit...

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Anonymous said...


"And the blogosphere is growing; Cameron must understand how it works because, by the time that he gets elected, many more people will be getting their news and opinions from blogs"

By the time Cameron gets elected to what exactly - Chairman of the Committee of Notting Hill OAPs for Priapic Sustenance? The guy is never going to make it to PM if that's what you're thinking.

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