Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Doing something

Bag has finally thought of something that he can do.
Last week I wrote an article in our local paper in response to all the whinges about the local recycling. In it I pointed out that this was much wider than them and that these complains were all over the UK. I supplied them a couple of URLs to help them on their way and suggested they find out what was really happening in the UK. They were Burning Our Money, EU Referendum, Nanny Knows Best, Not Proud of Britain and for those that could put up with a lot of swearing The Devils Kitchen. As the URLs were quite large I don't put too many down and all, except DK, have had good articles on the recycling and the EU. I put DK down as an eye opener for devilment.

Ha ha! I'm flattered and hope that it provided them with their daily dose of swearing. And perhaps I should write about recycling...
So in response to what I'm going to do personally. I'm going to rant in our local rag. Take local issues and link them to UK wide issues. Open a few eyes.

Excellent work: go to it and the best of luck, sir!

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