Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Children are not adults

And this bears repeating, because some people just don't seem to get it.
NCH Scotland is urging the Scottish Parliament to change legislation which allows the "reasonable" physical punishment of children.

It said it was wrong that adults enjoy greater legal protection from assault.

Presumably, NCH Scotland are also urging that as soon as one is born one can:
  • vote,

  • be prosecuted as an adult,

  • be drafted into the army,

  • not be held to be the responsibility of one's parents until 16,

  • not be coerced into going to school,

  • have sex and

  • be held fully accountable for one's actions.

Hello? NCH Scotland? Are you there?
NCH Scotland is one of Scotland's leading children's charities, working in partnership to run 63 services for more than 7,000 of Scotland's most vulnerable children, young people and their families.

Well, what I would suggest to NCH Scotland, and far too many other charities, that they concentrate on running those services and stop spending money on lobbying government to pass yet more illiberal and ill-considered laws.

NCH Scotland: shut the fuck up and piss off, you fucking shit stains. You and your interfering, do-gooder, multi-million-pound-lobbying charity colleagues are one of the biggest dangers to the reasonable and the law-abiding in this country: fuck off.

By the way, does anyone think that—were we to make Social Services into a charity—that these political pressure groups like NCH Scotland would spend lots of their income on funding them rather than attempting to bribe politicians?


Anonymous said...

Damnit man, don't you ever sleep? I've just read this and was busy composing in my head whilst making breakfast - and you've said exactly what I was going to say (only with added swearing of course).

James Higham said...

DK, the moment you used the word 'charity', all the heckles rose - the pc morons at it again.

Anonymous said...

I assume as well that the children ("Won't somebody think of the CHILDREN!?!) will also get their other rights protected - like freedom of movement, freedom of employment, freedom of assembly.

So you could be prosecuted for:

-Using a stairgate for your one-year-old (freedom of movement);

-Grounding your child (ditto);

-Refusing to let your eight-year-old bunk off of school (freedom of employment includes the freedom to not be employed);

-Making your child come home from hanging around the bus-shelter with his/her friends (freedom of assembly AND freedom of movement);

-Making your child sit on the bottom step (that freedom of movement again);

-Not paying your child at minimum wage rates for making them tidy their room ...

Anyone come up with any more?

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