Thursday, August 10, 2006

Who the fuck is this guy?

I've tried to watch The West Wing a couple of times: unfortunately, the first time I fell asleep and the second time I thought it was fucking shit. So, given that proviso, the only reason that I did this quiz was because everyone else seems to have done so and, frankly, I'm a sheep.

The idealistic speechwriter is well-liked by just about everyone. He's known for his excellent writing, sense of humor, and tendency to be clutzy. Although being younger than the rest of the staff, he's often treated as so, much to his dismay.

:: Which West Wing character are you? ::

The thing that I really couldn't stand is the way that people think that putting The West Wing on at parties, and thus drawing a halt to any interesting conversation whilst people drool at the purdy moving pictures, is in any way acceptable. Really, if you want us all to go home, just say.

Alternatively, you could just inform me that you are going to be putting on Fantasy US Governments The West Wing when you invite me, and I'll tell you where you can stick your tedious get together and instead have a quiet night in the pub drinking good ale rather than some hideous fucking concoction of cheap spirits that even a Siberian alcoholic (tautology?) wouldn't deign to drink.

And Martin's Sheen President—whatever his name is—can have that fucking speech for free, the sanctimonious cunt.


Anonymous said...

You would enjoy a few episodes of Season 6 and 7, with Arnold Vinick the Republican senator who is an aetheist. He's played by Alan "Hawkeye" Alda.

MatGB said...

Well, I got Toby. Someone else you don't know about. I liked early West wing because it was funny, and Sheen had a good line in angry compassion.

Especially good was the speech where he ranted at a Religious Right loon, it gets quoted around a lot. But, like a lot of US shows, it was always a bit up itself. If I wasn't skint, I'd buy the DVDs, but I am, so I can't.

Oh, Sheen's character was called Bartlett. Agree on people showing it inappropriately, what's the point of a party if the TVs going to be on?

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