Monday, August 14, 2006

What was your name again?

I have, of late, though wherefore I know not, been contemplating the nature of memory. No, actually, I know exactly why I have been contemplating it: it's because I keep forgetting things.

I am very bad at remembering names, in particular. I have also noticed that my memory is becoming increasingly bad. I put a lot of it down to a large intake of Ecstasy, which I discovered about five years ago (I think). Having found this lovely drug and a readily available supply of it, I started using it as a substitute for alcohol. What could be better? When drunk, I can be severely irritating if not downright rude and I'm almost always somewhat tedious (I guess). I also have a horrible temper and have been extremely unpleasant to those whom I love as my pent-up fury tends to get released on them.

With E, I felt really good and so was much more pleasant to those around me. With a small enough dose, I could also be more witty, more sparkly, more interesting (at least to me!). Alas, take a drug long enough and the dose becomes increasingly less efficacious; then my source dried up and I stopped taking the drug. I have taken it a handful of times since then.

What was I talking about? Oh, yes, memory. Leaving aside all of those ramblings up there, why is it that I cannot remember the name of someone that I met yesterday, but I can remember the Pantone numbers of a job I did eight years ago and haven't seen since?

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