Thursday, August 10, 2006

Well, did they or didn't they?

So, did these fucking twatmunchers really try to blow up these planes or what? Do we believe the government?

Like the poor, little Greek boy, I am very inclined not to; however, I simply can't imagine them deliberately, and fraudulently, causing disruption on this kind of scale. A tank or two at Heathrow: aye fine; they have to be seen to be doing something and I suppose that it's better than deciding to invade another of Kofi Annan's piggy-banks; but can you imagine how much the airlines would sue for if it was a fraud? The measures are pretty draconian (though not much more so than after 9/11. I know, because I flew down south the day after...).
The Department for Transport set out the details of the security measures at UK airports.

Passengers are not allowed to take any hand luggage on to any flights in the UK, the department said.

Only the barest essentials - including passports and wallets - will be allowed to be carried on board in transparent plastic bags.

Still, the airlines must have been pretty convinced too, so I reckon that there is something in this story. Whether, of course, it is as serious as painted is, after all, what we are really debating.
According to BBC sources the "principal characters" suspected of being involved in the plot were British-born. There are also understood to be links to Pakistan.

Pakistan? Well, there's a fucking surprise, eh? It has been speculated that Master Musharraf is not doing all that he might to... ah... discourage the more radical elements in the north of the country (though to be fair, it's a bugger of a job), as we know from the current situation in Afghanistan.

Just hypothetically, wouldn't it be tremendously entertaining if the "fake ricin" boys—or any others who have been hauled into court and been found innocent—were involved in this one too, eh? That would be very amusing...

Chris points out that the inevitable Grauniad attitude is prevailing as usual.
It doesn't take genius to link today's events and Britain's activities abroad.

Just as well, Martin, to be honest; because you are not a genius in any sense of the word.
Alone among the countries of Europe, Britain pursues a foreign policy indistinguishable from that of the United States.

Alone among the countries of Europe, Britain has not pressed for an immediate ceasefire in the month-long Middle East conflict.

Alone among the countries of Europe, Britain has played a leading part in waging a war described by the United Nations as illegal.

Now our diplomacy is sidelined. Our voice is an echo. Our moral authority scarcely exists. Our people are the targets of terrorism and the threats of terrorism, wherever they are, and whether they travel by underground or in the air.

Our government has endangered us. It is time we connected the dots.

God, Martin Bell is such a tedious, sanctimonious, little cunt, he really is. Right, Marty-baby: do you think that we should do something a bit more to stop the genocide in Darfur? Because I think that we should. And yet the army doing the murdering there, and now spreading into Chad... well... they're a bit bloody Muslim, you know. So Martin, you cock-knocking fuck-puppet, that'll be why we've done fuck-all about that situation is it? And that is why we shouldn't do anything about it? Does anyone fancy shooting the fucker in the knackers?

Look, god—and just about anyone else who has read me or talked to me—knows that I carry no brief for this fascist, sodding government but, in the name of all that's unholy, can we stop conflating cause and effect. I know that Princess Toni is a simple soul and he does tend to like his soundbites, but he was right when he pointed out that we were attacked by the Islamist nutjobs before we got into Iraq or Afghanistan.

Or rather, he is not technically correct: the US was attacked. Several times. Not least when Hezbollah murdered nearly 250 of them in Lebanon in 1983/84. Or on the USS Cole. Or the World Trade Centre in 1993.

Yes, the threat may well have increased; many bloggers have argued vehemently that it has and, indeed, it would be difficult to dispute it; but, what we need to ask ourselves is whether it was worth it.

Ha! Difficult question. Was backing Poland in 1939 worth it? We lost a lot of people, we could have just stayed out; let Hitler have Europe. The thing is Martin, for all of our failings, alone among the countries of Europe, Britain fought an impossible war because it was unquestionaly the right thing to do; and I mean "right" as in "principled". And after 9/11, I think that standing with the US was the principled thing to do. Everything after that could, fairly, be described as a bit of a fuck-up logistically—which is the correct reason to hate Toni's foreign policy; he was too weak and stupid to attempt to impose some restraint or planning—but it was, damn it, right.

And, Martin, you shitstick excuse for a shitty stick, I do believe that we would have come to this point anyway (the attacks on the US, oh, and everybody else would seem to indicate that eventually we would have incurred the displeasure of our rabid friends); and, as I wrote this morning, as a libertarian, I know which side I support. It's really simple.
Ultimately, it is a question of democracy versus fundamental theocracy: a conflict that should pose no problems of allegiance for a libertarian.

It is, of course, equally clear who that odious little shit Galloway supports too (via Guido, whose commenters are, rather churlishly, giving him a hard time about the seriousness of that story. As usual, Mr E sums it up: "We may all deplore such highbrow sentiments, but there is no harm in reminding everyone that (a) Hezbollah are murderous scum and (b) Galloway is an apologist for murderous scum. It simply can't be repeated enough"); what a total cunt that man is. I know that one cannot do degrees of free speech, but there really are times when I really wish that we could prosecute the little fucker for treason and sedition and lock him in The Tower for life. I mean, if we must have these draconian and deeply illiberal laws forced upon us by NuLabour, could we not at least do something worthwhile with them?

Stopping and looking around, I suddenly realise that I have been rambling somewhat; so, let's wander over to the aforementioned Mr Eugenides' place (and he's still not a relation of mine) and have a look at the nice crop of fucking loons he has rounded up from Comment Is Free. All of them absolutely fucking barking-at-the-moon mad.
Simon Ralli, you are right, most of the so-called 9/11 hijackers have turned up alive and well.As we now know, 7/7 was also an inside job which is why the government won't allow an independent inquiry.

Yes, yes, I've heard all of this shit, but I have yet to hear a decent motive, for fuck's sake! Where's the fucking motive, you fucking twerp?
But, as Mr E says, there's Carpsio; a lone voice of reason amongst the, frankly, filthy conspiracy theorists out there; those Galloway supporters; those traitors.
I'm sure the people who died on London's subway system last year will be relieved to find out that it was their own government drawing attention from something or other. And the relatives of those who died in Bali. And 9/11. And the Madrid bombings. And the people of Baghdad.

This isn't a parlour game. The Islamofascists don't really care if you watch Rory Bremner or smirk every time John Reid opens his mouth. This isn't fiction. We are not in some Chomskonian fantasy where the bad guys work in a government office. This is a war. A war between a medievalist, fascist death cult whose values include the hanging of homosexuals, the murder of adulterers and the forced subjugation of women. If you think Blair is bad, then picture what Ahmadinejad will do to your student bedsit. Or your organic allotment. All your gay friends? Forget them. That funny T-shirt with the swearing on? Burnt.

Websites like this where you can pour out whatever imbecilities you like? Gone. All that 'care in the community' 'causes of crime' stuff you love to talk about over your cheap red wine? You think that'll cut any mustard in a world where the criminals are hung, dismembered or denuded of their limbs?

Every time you open your mouth to talk in the way you do, that world gets nearer. And if we can't answer this threat through language, rational thought and rule of law, then it will be answered in bloodshed.

Or, of course, via our friendly commenter above, the posing of the bodies of dead children for greater impact: yes, it's 'Green Helmet': the Director's Cut! Well, actually, it's the boy's body which is more cut, really, but hey ho...

To return to Martin Bell's point, we may well be in more danger than we were: but it has only hastened the attacks. They would have come eventually: ten, twenty, thirty years down the line; does it really even matter? The war is coming, and we may not have the resolve to win it.

And frankly, if those bunch of cunts were trying to bomb planes, let's not get confused about whose doing the deed here; let's not start getting into that moral equivalence debate again, or some kind of cultural relativism. Our culture is better: full stop. It's not perfect, but it is better than that of the Islamists'.

And any cunt who gainsays that, well, fine: you know where you can fuck off to. It's a cliché, because it's true...

And now, thanks to Samizdata, some comedy about Islamic women getting their heavenly reward...

Although, I do believe that it could be translated as 72 raisins. And that would make me laugh like a drain...

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Anonymous said...

We now have 1.8 million fifth columnists living in the UK.19 of these scumbags have had their addresses published by the Bank of England.
Time for a radical rethink on whether we can afford to tolerate these murderous traitors here. We must stop tip-toeing around Muslims, and begin deporting them to their beloved Arab states immediately. Do not for one moment be under any illusions that the so-called 'moderate' Muslims living here do not support outrages such as 7/7: Jon Snow's recent documentary on Channel 4 proved what many believed. Time for mass deportation.

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