Monday, August 21, 2006

Via Rottie, this from Heads Up.
“Mohammed2″ on would like you all to know his citizenship status, just in case there is any doubt amongst y’all:
“i must disagree we are not british we are muslim i never want to be called british”

Oh, boy, do I agree with you. I don’t think you are British either. Nobody asked us if it was a good idea the day some idiot granted your family the right to stay here. You are NOT British and you never will be. You are not worthy.

Now, can I offer you a lift to the airport?

Agreed. I'll tell you what, I'll chip into the taxi fare an' all.

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Anonymous said... are not British, then those of us that are no longer feel any need to support you or your family. No benefits, no schooling, no housing. Earn it, integrate or go.

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