Sunday, August 20, 2006

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This is going to be a swift roundup, just to let you people know that I'm still alive (sort of). As well as being out until ridiculous hours in the morning, your humble Devil has got roped into reviewing, officially, for so has been trolling sround actually seeing shows. This fact, plus the fact that he actually has to write the reviews and send them, has led to even less time in which to blog (if drinking time is to remain at the same level. Which it is and will. Until I run out of money anyway).

Over at Timmy's is the Reduced Britblog Roundup but also this nice little piece exploding Polly's main myth...
Polly isn’t going to like this.
There's no evidence that being rich reduces average mortality, or that being poor increases it:

Bang goes one of the major arguments for her redistributionist project.

Inequality does NOT kill.

In other news, the very talented and sweary Carpsio has a tale of public sector employee fecklessness.
I repeat two salient facts: this is a 31 year old woman earning close to £30,000 per year, in a 'team leadership' role. On full pay for three months, and now in a fourth month of half pay. Because she doesn't get on with one of her team (yep - someone she is nominally in charge of!)

I don't want this to sound like a whine - but why the fuck is something like 40% of everything I earn going to her? Her 3 months off have cost me (i.e. the taxpayer) £7,500 in wages. If she is actually doing a job that needs to be done (doubtful, but for argument's sake) a further £7,500 for someone to cover her duties to the same level. Plus, the time spent on meetings, reviews, Human Resources meetings etc, I reckon her absence has cost you and me - Joe Soap - not much short of £20,000. So far.

The eloquent Carpsio says that it makes his blood boil; well, me too, old chum; me too.

Finally, the poor, little Greek boy exposes the Scottish Executive as being a dishonest, opportunistic cunts.
Actually, these things probably don't fall under the remit of the review at all, do they? When you're pissing money away, who cares about the cost of the urinal cakes?

Right, I'm away again. I shall be back very soon and taking a further look at the Executive and Davey Miliband.

Watch this space...

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