Thursday, August 10, 2006

These people have faces

Via Rotty, this presentation showing the faces of Israeli children killed by terrorists between October 2000 and January 2005.

The obvious response is that the Israelis should understand what the Lebanese are now going through, but the main point for me is that it hammers home that these are people—children, toddlers—and people like them are dying in wars everywhere, every day. These children are specifically Israelis, but it serves as a reminder that the innocent always end up paying one way or another, but they should never be deliberately targetted.

It's just that there are certain organisations out there who deliberately do. I think that you know the kind of absolute fuckers to whom I'm referring.
As Jenn put it over at Rottie's:
I find it quite disturbing that people seem to think it’s o.k. that Israel has this happen to them daily. That there are people who think they should just sit there and take it.

And as I pointed out previously:
I live in a country in which 50 people having the shit blown out of them by a bunch of suicide bombers is a rarity; I live in a country which has not been threatened with invasion in 60 years. And I am certain that if I lived in Israel, I would be pretty paranoid and prone to over-reacting too.

As I am going to repeat every time that I talk about this—none of this excuses Israel's current actions, but it does make them understandable.


Serf said...

The single biggest illogicality in the "Peace Camp's" arguments is simply this. They refuse to accept that the world is a shit place. Sure, children should never be killed by bonbing, but neither should they die due to cheaply preventable diseases, ignorant attitudes to aids, at the hand of sex perverts, whilst being used as child soldiers, due to generously distributed land mines or any of the myriad of other ways that it happens.

Without wishing to be heartless, the number of innocent people needlessly dying each day across the world, is many times that of the one conflict that the world is currently interested in. Bearing in mind the unending nature of mid east problems, most of the other deaths can be prevented more easily and much more cheaply.

Why is it that we only care about human suffering when it is beamed into our living rooms, and why should we believe ourselves to be morally superior when we make this highly selective choice to display our conciences?

Bill said...

I share your sentiments, specially your final sentence.

However, however understandable the Israeli response may be it still strikes me as inimical to its long-term security; they obviously feel differently. They are in a bind - whatever they do or don't do is likely to result in a pretty unpalatable outcome.

Lebanon is a lovely country, with mostly lovely people - it saddens me that it, and Israel, are yet again being sucked into a conflict that neither wishes to have.

Anonymous said...

Let's face it, eventually one will have to destroy the other of both destroy each other. It's bullshit but if you sit under an elephant you get shat on.

Anonymous said...

DK - today in the pub I was suggesting to some liberal-but-not-wholly-loony friends this very point about how Israel gets a bad press.

Given how fruitloop the British public went about some really rather trivial bombings last year (not to mention some not-even-bombings today) and given that we were happy to support the Yanks in an utterly misconceived invasion of a tangentially-related country on 'terrorist' grounds, we're not really in the moral high ground to slate the Israelis for their actions...


Devil's Kitchen said...


Never thought that I'd hear omething almost positive from your lips!

I still stand by that last line, and also by the principles that I espoused.


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