Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I appear to have been tagged to do the Meme Of 3 by The Guttersnipe, damn his eyes. Now I am actually going to have to think about something.
  1. Things that scare me

    • My post (usually containing massive bills that I cannot pay)

    • People, when I'm not in the right mood

    • Disintegrating teeth

  2. People who make me laugh

    • My father

    • Jimmy Carr (a guilty pleasure)

    • H (not the one from Steps)

  3. Things I hate the most

    • NuLabour in general, but the Gobblin' King in particular

    • Aubergines

    • Wilfully ignorant people

  4. Things I don't understand

    • How even 21.6% of the electorate could have voted for NuLabour last time

    • Organic chemistry

    • How some people at the Fringe could possibly think that their show was worth bringing up

  5. Things I'm doing right now

    • Not getting myself sorted out as quickly as I'd like

    • Drinking in Fringe venues until the early hours of the morning with old, and new, friends

    • Writing up a backlog of reviews

  6. Things I want to do before I die

    • Do a job that I enjoy and get paid enough for

    • Visit Machu Picchu

    • Drive a steam train

  7. Things I can do

    • Design beautifully creepy artwork

    • Entertain people (when I'm in the mood)

    • Upgrade and troubleshoot Macs

  8. Ways to describe my personality

    • Darkly witty (though often crossing the line)

    • Addictive

    • Devious

  9. Things I can't do

    • Anything to do with DIY

    • Stop drinking once I start

    • Keep up to date with paperwork

  10. Things I think you should listen to

    • The Waterboys

    • Good advice

    • Me

  11. Things you should never listen to

    • Polly Toynbee

    • Anyone trying to sell you anything over the 'phone

    • Those voices in your head

  12. Things I'd like to learn

    • How to speak fluent French again

    • How to be more organised

    • The best way to skin a cat

  13. Favourite foods

    • Rare venison steak, lightly fried in wild rowan jelly

    • Kedgeree

    • A really good creme brulée made with custard, not fucking yoghurt (what my mother used to call "poor man's creme brulée")

  14. Beverages I drink regularly

    • Real ale

    • White or tawny port

    • Coffee

  15. Shows I watched as a kid

    • G-Force—Battle For The Planets

    • Champion The Wonder Horse

    • Bananaman

  16. People I'm tagging (to do this meme)

There; happy now? I'm not: one feels that one could have been more witty when once one has completed these things. Ah well...


Prodicus said...

Dammit. 'The day will come when everyone will Know. The. Name. Of. CHAMPIOOOOOON the Wonder Horse!'

Carps said...

Gauntlet throwing answered in kind

Champion the wonderhorse, eh? Lassie, but with a bigger cock.

The Pedant-General said...

Returned from hols, suitably refreshed (though not actually with one of my listed refreshments - we restricted ourselves to Chianti and Prosecco) and have done my bit here.


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