Tuesday, August 15, 2006

No, absolutely not.

Via Allan, this is precisely what I am talking about.
But, in what she admitted were 'sharp' exchanges, some senior Muslim figures turned the tables yesterday and made a series of demands which also included the introduction of Sharia law for family matters.

No, no and thrice no. You fuckers just don't get it, do you? If you want to live under your barbaric laws then I really do suggest that you go and live in a country that already lives under those laws, e.g. Iran. I mean this quite seriously. Who the fuck do you think you are to "demand" special treatment? To "demand" that you live under any laws than those that govern the rest of us?
Dr Syed Aziz Pasha, secretary general of the Union of Muslim Organisations of the UK and Ireland, said: 'We told her if you give us religious rights, we will be in a better position to convince young people that they are being treated equally along with other citizens.'

What you are demanding is precisely the opposite: you are demanding that you be treated above other citizens. I don't give two shits, you fuck-headed arse-botherer, what your "young people" think: they are treated equally. What you want is for them to have special rights over and above everyone else.
A recent poll suggested that a third of British Muslims would rather live under Sharia law, while a similar number said they also hope Britain will one day become an Islamic state.

Over my dead body, you shitsticks.
But Dr Pasha claimed the legal changes he proposed would help convince young Muslims to integrate better into British society.

No, it wouldn't. It might integrate them better into a society, i.e. a Muslim one, but not British society because Britain is not an Islamic fucking state. Now take your "demands" and do something deeply un-halal with them, you cunts.

I will repeat this: if you are not happy with the laws that govern this country, then I really suggest that you go somewhere where the laws are nearer what you might desire: Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. I am sure that all of these countries will welcome you and your expertise with open arms. We will not allow your barbaric laws, or any kind of special treatment for the Muslim "community", in this country.

Have you got the fucking message yet, or shall I go and get a piece of two-by-four and beat it into you?


AntiCitizenOne said...

Important question.

What do we do with the mosque buildings once we kick all the Islamorabble out?

I think holocaust museums.

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell.

Me, yesterday, on my place:

Why not just go all the way and announce a short period of Sharia law if keeping us safe above all things is the overriding consideration?

And I thought I'd get comments calling me for hysterical exaggeration.

AntiCitizenOne said...


At least Polly will be unhappy.


Anonymous said...

Is ANYBODY going to ask Muslim women if they want to live under Sharia law? I mean, ask them in private? These old codgers represent nobody but themselves (MPs excepted) and have no influence on our culturally confused young Muslims. If living your life as a Brit (with all that involves) - then going on to be offensively religious and trying to blow up your neighbours ain't confused, what is? Multiculturalism has failed in Britain.

Anonymous said...

What you are demanding is precisely the opposite: you are demanding that you be treated above other citizens.

No, it's not even that. They aren't asking for special treatment - they're asking for their families and neighbours to be denied their inherent rights.

You see, anyone can impose Sharia on himself now. It's quite easy. Find a learned Muslim scholar to explain the rules, then just go ahead. Dress modestly, don't spend time with members of the opposite sex, don't get bank interest, make a will according to the dictates of Sharia (sons get twice as much as daughters of whatever), don't have sex out of marriage, don't have "unnatural" sex within marriage and so on. Go ahead, nobody will stop you.

The thing that you can't do is remove the rights that, for example, your daughter has. Your daughter is an adult, and a human, and as such is possessed of a number of inalienable rights. If she doesn't want to walk around wearing a tent, she doesn't have to. If she wants to have sex with entire football teams, she can. If she wants to get an education, a job, and interact with lecherous unmarried drunken men, she can. If she doesn't want to be a Muslim, she can.

She is, of course, free to cover herself in a burqa, not go out in public without her husband or brother and all the rest of it. Or not, as she chooses.

These people aren't campaigning for extra rights to be given to them - they're campaigning for the power to remove rights from other people. And the answer will always be "no".

Anonymous said...

sorry for the anonymous post...

luv this piece..spot on and made me laugh too.

Myrddin Wen said...

I must agree with anonymous, they're campaigning for the power to remove rights from other people. That's what islam does, dominate and subjugate, kill those who don't conform.

Rage. Building ... The Spiders, the Spiders in my head, they GLOW!

Phew!, needed a cold compress and a tamaze, tomezpam.

As to what we do with mosques once the islamopsychos 'leave' the country, the very prospect of such a consideration is both refreshing and thrilling. The mosques would, of course, require 'accelerated remodelling' or 'sightline-safety adjustment' or even 'vertical truncation' and, as I understand it, there far too few Public Conveniences.


AntiCitizenOne said...

My other suggestions for ex-mosques are Casinos, butchers and lap dancing bars.

AnyonebutBlair said...

Absolutely right. Sharia law is just another small step on their journey to make Britain an Islamic state...why don't they just f off to Iran or Afghanistan where they will find things more commodious.

Carps said...

I respectfully concur with my learned friend.

Emily said...


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As blogger is impossible to get any help from whatsoever and it looks lost forever, I wondered if you could update your sidebar link to me?

Many thanks

Emily of distraughtsville

Anonymous said...

Well said, I would love a politician, any party to say exactly what you said, including the descriptive words, Fuck Yeah!

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