Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Neil's straw man of the week

And, yup, it comes from the deeply dippy Neil Harding. First off, I would like to say that I hope that Neil was pissed when he wrote this post, because it is the biggest load of probably actionable drivel I have read in a long time.
It amazes me that when people (especially Tories) talk about the erosion of democracy in the Labour party they seem to forget that the Tory party has no democracy at all.

And here's our first straw man. We don't talk about the "erosion of democracy in the Labour party": we talk about the erosion of our parliamentary democracy by the Labour party, you fucking cretin.
They get a choice of two stooges put forward by their MPs and their conferences have been Nuremburg rallies since well, since Nuremburg rallies.

Accusing the Tories of being Nazis one sentence into a post must be some kind of a record for the fulfillment of Godwin's Law, musn't it? And, as The Nameless Tory ably points out, in terms of conservatism it would be difficult to find two people with a more different approach than Davis and Cameron.
Whatever you say about the declining influence of Labour's NEC, at least it gives a voice to members concerns, at least we have an NEC!

If the NEC has piss all influence, it seems rather pointless to crow about having one, doesn't it? For god's sake, boy, all it does is prove that Blair and his stooges have been able to subvert the Labour party democracy in precisely the same fucking way that they have bypassed our parliamentary procedures. The cunts.
Of course for most Tory members, the lack of democracy in their party is not a problem, since most of them don't believe in democracy anyway.

This is a simply astonishing claim: it isn't the Tories that I have met who have displayed totalitarian leanings. It is always the Lefties. "This isn't right, so we should make people do this, etc." is very much a Leftist cry.
For Labour party members who rightly fight for a bigger say in their party, it is a godsend for the Tory media who hypocritically exploit this to make Labour look authoritarian - it is all very convenient.

As opposed, of course, to the left wing press—and tedious little fuckwits in the blogosphere—who would sell their souls to Satan (and probably already have: I can't think of any other explanation for ZanuLabour's re-election) to keep Toni and Co. in government. Who cares how democratic the Labour party are?

The policies that the NuLabour have enacted whilst in power have been authoritarian; that is all that matters. I don't have to join any of the parties if I dislike their structure: unfortunately, I do have to obey the laws laid down by the government formed from whichever party.



Tristan said...

b-b-b-b-but the nice socialists want to make our lives all better and only they can do it because only they know what we want.
Those nasty right wingers only care for themselves and want to keep the working man downtrodden. They don't want the state to make it all better. Its all for your own good you know.


Tim Newman said...

He's making the rather grave error of assuming that all those who detest Labour do so because they are Tories. Most people I know detest both parties with equal measure.

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