Thursday, August 10, 2006

Muslim tolerance and the lack thereof

Notwithstanding my general irritation with them, occasionally someone at Samizdata does write a good post.
If all Muslims in Britain wanted was to live in ghettos where Muslim social norms are accepted, well I really think that is a 'manageable' problem. However it seems that what they also want is to prevent me, by law, from poking fun at their religion and demonstrating just how much I do not respect the things they hold dear. They insist I tolerate their beliefs, which I regard as deeply offensive barbarism based on superstitious nonsense, yet will not tolerate my belief in the unlimited nature of civil free expression, because they find what I will say offensive. They are not 'separatists' because they want their prohibitions on poking fun at Mohammad to also apply to me. There ain't nothing 'separate' about that.

Tolerance they get (for now), but it needs to be made clear that Muslim sensibilities do not trump secular values and they do not get a veto on what gets said about them or the things they value. They are free to respond in kind. However if that leads to violence by some extremists, well, so be it. They can say what they like about my values, I do not care and I suggest they take a similar attitude because I intend to say what I like about their values and any politician who tried to pander to them to prevent that from happening is someone to be implacably opposed.

The whole thing is excellent, and very much worth a read. Although, having said that, I do not like the idea of Muslim ghettos either. One of the real problems that many in the West have with Islam is the lack of freedom that it accords women. Were there to exist ghettos living under Muslim norms, those norms would be applied and defined by only 50% of the population; there is a high chance that those who had the misfortune to be born with a cunt would have little or no voice or choice. I find this intolerable in the Middle East and I would find it far more so in my own country; quite simply, it is not to be borne.

And, I am afraid, those who wish to apply the barbarity of sharia here and thus create a Britain to whom they can feel "loyal" can still fuck off an' all.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. I've searched in vain for comments by male Western commentators (of any political colour) lamenting Islam's treatment of women and other minorities.

Worse still, I've even come across Western women pleading for toleration of these mainstream Muslim ideas, which must be among the worst hypocrisies of all the hypocrytical pronouncements I've ever read on 'toleration' - rather like those who expect lower standards from people simply because they're working class.

If Leftists need a role model, they could do worse than EP Thompson: a Marxist but never an unthinking pacifist, he prized this country and its values™ above everything.

I could start on here about the similarities between Mr Prescott's droit du seigneur attitude to women and the cavalier way in which this Islamic repression is fêted by so many on the Left; but that's a rant for another day.

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