Friday, August 11, 2006

Muslim Scum

Your humble Devil has it on very good authority that, whatever you may hear (and the newspapers do seem to disagree) the off-the-record briefing for journalists was that there was a minimum of 20 planes targetted; and they were all to be blown up on the same day. One can imagine the panic, the... well... the terror that the tremendous loss of life would have engendered.

Your humble Devil knows that his source would know the kind of people who would know this (if that ain't too 'ard to grasp) and firmly believes that the war that he thought was coming has just shifted forward by 20 years.

Or maybe we should let the Muslim men get away with this, eh? After all, it's only religion...

No more Muslims in this country; in order not to discriminate, we should close al borders, to everyone, immediately. Every single Muslim to be tagged, right fucking now. Yes, this is inconsistent; yes, we live in a "free" country, but one must defend one's citizens. In fact, that is the primary reason why a government should exist.

EDIT: Hmmm, may be going over the top a bit. But something must be done, although what is, of course, the question. What worries me is not so much that every Muslim in the country wants to be a homicide bomber—I don't believe that for a second—but that so manyt Muslims seem to want to force their horrible religion onto the rest of us; that so many seem to be opposed to our liberal, secular way of life and to want to see us living as they do. I mean, no one likes a proselytising Christian either, but many Muslims seem to take the idea, or at least the desire, to new levels.

Let me just quote Garton-Ashe, a man rather more stupid than my lobotomised, spastic, half-sister...
The idea that these young British Muslims might actually be putting their fingers on some things that are wrong with our modern, progressive, liberal, secular society; the idea that rational persons might freely choose to live in a different, outwardly more restricted way; these hardly feature in everyday progressive discourse. But they should.

My god, you are such a fucking tool. Look, Timmy-baby, in this country we let people do what they like. If they are not "modern, progressive, liberal, secular" we do not stone them. If they get raped we don't execute them. If they're gay, we don't hang 'em (or flog 'em either. No, not even in the Tory Party). But these societies that practise this Sharia Law that 1 in 3 British Muslims want, do; that is the sort of society we are dealing with.
In a poll conducted for the Channel 4 documentary, only half the British Muslims questioned said they thought of Britain as "my country", whereas nearly a quarter said they thought of it as "their country" - meaning someone else's.

Can we start preparing those tickets to Tehran now, please. What the tossing salad-fuck, monkey-pus is going on...?

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