Monday, August 14, 2006

More evil in the nursing homes

From The Crippen Diaries:
David is in a double bind. He wants her to go into long-term residential care because he is is not coping. On the other hand, he is terrified that if she does she will starve. At the moment a tray of food is placed in front of her every meal time and, if no one helps her to eat (and they usually do not), it is taken away untouched an hour later.

Can I just reiterate, as I have done a number of times before, that there is absolutely no fucking excuse for this. Take the nurses and auxiliaries outside and flog them, and then let us turn to a salutory story: that of Tantalus.
Tantalus' punishment, now proverbial for temptation without satisfaction, was to stand in a pool of water beneath a fruit tree with low branches. Whenever he reached for the fruit, the branches raised his intended meal from his grasp. Whenever he bent down to get a drink, the water receded before he could get any.

So then lock the nurses and auxes in a room, with their hands tied behind their backs: every couple of hours put food just out of reach and do that for a week, whilst feeding in a constant drone of delicious recipes.

And if they haven't learnt by then, take them out back—by the bins—and shoot them in the back of the head. These people are not worth the poo that their patients shit.


Mr Free Market said...

Just so I am clear on this point .... is this the same NHS that Mr B.Liar keeps telling us is envied worldwide??

Anonymous said...

DK, you MDMA-addled streak of bile - fair enough, you did your bit as an aux and (in the original post), you wrote about it eloquently (and very movingly) - give yourself a pat on the back. But, disgusted as I am by such utter, utter failures in duty of care, I don't think you can separate out the appalling treatment of the elderly in nursing homes, hospitals etc etc from the way they are treated by society in general - i.e. their needs are shamefully ignored, even if they are the WWII Generation. Foreign staff nurses (esp Asian, but see also Spanish) are often appalled at the lack of family/community involvement in elderly care, and it's not hard to see why. Next time a right wing libertarian (not you, you've proved your point) whinges about the NHS, I want to hear a detailed explanation of how much voluntary work he/she has done in their local nursing home.

(ps- Mr Free Market, no the NHS which Bliar is trying so hard to fragment/asset strip is the one which - as on my ward today - clears the decks, despite intense pressure on beds and theatre time, for an emergency 8 hour op on somebody about the same age as DK. I'm no apologist for the flaws in state healthcare, but I think we should give the NHS its due for what it does well. Also, DK - before you blame PFI etc on useless public sector procurement, at least consider how much of a revolving door exists between the DoH and consultancy/accounting/audit firms, ad nauseam. No staff nurse asked for this useless state of affairs, but some people are doing very well out of it...)

A Nurse.

Devil's Kitchen said...

A Nurse,

Good points as always. My problem with PFI is not solely to do with useless public sector procurement. The problem with PFI, as I think that I said before, is that it combines the very worst of both the private sector (i.e. the ruthless profit motive but without any risk of failure (which is what usually drives good, for want of a better phrase, customer care and, of course, efficiency)) and the public sector.

PFI is one of the biggest fuck-ups in modern politics and, whilst the Tories should be beaten for introducing it, NuLabour deserve to be shot for continuing with it so ruthlessly.

PFI, of course, is driven by our Cyclopean Chancellor; he can spend money like water and yet it does not show up on the books as pulblic expenditure. It is an accounting trick and this is what drives NuLabour's, or rather Brown's, enthusiasm for it.


P.S. MDMA is, of course, far more fun than Pills, although the unpredictability of Pills does lend a certain edge to the experience...

AntiCitizenOne said...

A nurse.

fuck off, I don't want the NHS and I certainly resent being enslaved to pay for it.

The "service" I get is shit.
The staff are normally crap.

The NHS is the worst treatment, funded in the worst possible way. It's as awful as the BBC, but attempts and fails at something more important than entertainment.

Anonymous said...

"The "service" I get is shit."

Has that ever included being resuscitated? Emergency surgery? A spell in ITU? Or is it just the idea that offends you? Be specific. Do you have a considered understanding of clinical outcomes? Or are you just being a tedious little prick?

I'd be the first to agree that state healthcare can never be a "perfect" (still less, "consumer led") service, and the waste of taxpayers' money angers me asmuch as anyone. As does poor nursing care. But I also happen to understand what the NHS does well (esp in critical + emergency care), and why mad Patsy's management consultancy frenzy threatens that very expertise. So fuck you, too.

PFI - yes, the off-balance accounting - the taxpayer is being shafted for the next 20-30 years. Even as beds and services are cut (but consortium shares go up etc). So much for transferring risk, Mr Brown...

A Nurse.

p.s. DK - go easy on the neurotransmitters... ;)

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