Tuesday, August 22, 2006

More bad news for Toynbee

In more bad news for that fucking idiot Toynbee (at whose latest article I shall direct my bile presently), Fjordman has a long article on the Brussels Journal about why Sweden ain't all it's cracked up to be.
Journalist and writer Kurt Lundgren notes on his blog that Sweden during the past five years has witnessed the largest mass-emigration in the country’s history since the peak of the immigration to the USA more than a century ago. The people leaving are primarily highly educated, native middle class Swedes. Common reasons cited for leaving are rampant crime and a sense of hopelessness and resignation over poor political leadership. At the same time, Sweden receives a large amount of immigrants from Third World and Islamic nations every year. Is this population replacement profitable for Sweden as a nation?

Lundgren states that it feels like
being spectator to a huge social experiment: The dismantling of an entire nation, one of the oldest in Europe, with all its traditions, its entire history for good or bad, the national awareness and the nation’s soul; all of this shall be eroded in a planned process. Nobody knows what will come instead of this, but there could be something monstrous emerging from this, something really terrifying...

Lundgren read a book about the collapse of the Soviet Union, and believes the system collapsed when the vision of reality presented by the authorities and the media became too different from the realities people experienced in their everyday lives. He fears the same thing is now about to happen in Sweden. What makes the situation particularly serious is the constant influx of unemployed and partly unemployable immigrants.
I don’t think even a tax rate of 64 percent will do to sustain the illusion of a welfare state. Maybe it will take 70 percent or more in the future. Perhaps before the year 2010 we will reach a point where the fantasy image we are presented no longer can be reconciled with what the people are experiencing. At that point, everything will fall apart, just like in the Soviet Union, but there will be a few more years of disintegration and chaos until we reach this point.

Fjordman believes—and provides a good deal of evidence and opinion to support this belief—that the Swedish Welfare State will collapse within a relatively short time. If this should happen, which country will Polly then hold up as the apotheothis of her favoured system of government? Will she shut the fuck up?

Or will she go into the garage, devoid of hope, and—running a hose through the front window from the exhaust—switch on the engine and go quietly into that dark night? We can but hope...

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Where are the Swedes going?

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