Friday, August 11, 2006

More 4 podcast

My gosh, Iain Dale does get around doesn't he? Still, it's nice to have such a civilised gentleman effectively introducing Britain to blogs; if it were Guido, they'd have to do one of those in-a-darkened-room-with-the-light-from-behind interviews, like they used to do with... oh... IRA informers or something. And, were it me (not that I'm in the same league) there would just be a succession of mumbles and bleeps. The good, the bad and the ugly...

Anyway, The Kitchen was mentioned on the More 4 podcast and they even kindly emailed me to inform me: naturally I forwarded that email onto the poor, little Greek boy, for it was he who wrote the article. It is typical: whenever The Kitchen is mentioned in the mainstream media—except, of course, with the honourable mention of David Miliband—it is never my words; perhaps this should tell me something...?

Anyway, Iain was doing a brief roundup of the Mel Smith smoking controversy, and also mentioned Brian Micklethwait, Morning Report , Devil's Kitchen, Jeffrey Archer and, okay, Mars Hill.

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