Friday, August 04, 2006

Ligging Devil

Having kicked off his Fringe experience in the Speigeltent on Tuesday, where he bumped into Al and Oscar of Radio, your humble Devil has had a rest-day today after attending a couple of parties on Wednesday. Tuesday's shenanigans continued back at your humble Devil's abode, where he and his friend, Sam, found Chris and Caro of Three Weeks finishing off the preview edition. Your humble Devil retired to bed, after a hefty breakfast, cooked by the aformentioned friend, at about 7.45am, leaving the others to their continued proofing.

Your humble Devil woke only 15 minutes prior to the 12.30pm start of the Bedlam Fringe launch, which featured clips from a number of shows, and as much Pimms as your humble Devil could shovel into his gaping maw. Catchy!, a musical about the plague and which promises to be in the absolute poorest of taste (the performed song, There's A Cross On My Lover's Door, was not only catchy but also crossed the line on a number of occasions) definitely caught your humble Devil's eye, as did The Umbilical Project (Uncut).

After a swift libation in The Bow Bar, your humble Devil wandered down to Cloisters and met up with Sam. After a swift pint, they wandered over to the Underbelly Press Launch, held in the hideous purple cow tent in Bristo Square known as the Udderbelly. As pointed out by festbitch, two free drink coupons were issued and two pints of John Smith's, which seems to the ale of choice for Fringe venues this year, duly consumed.

Your intrepid duo bumped into Mr Ligger, Caro of Three Weeks (again) and old friend and drinking buddy, Ewen "Macca" Macintosh; this last does not bode well for your devilish correspondant's liver as, once again, we headed to the Gilded Balloon's Teviot venue to consume awesome quantities of booze. As has been pointed out before, Ewen has a bodyweight about twice that of your humble Devil's and as we go drink for drink, your correspondant tends to come off worst.

As it was, he bunnied out to join Sam in the Loft Bar, the rooftop bar at Teviot where one can smoke. As the venue closed, your alky duo wandered over to the Pleasance Brooke's bar which has, like many others, opened up its terrace for smokers to indulge their pleasure. More John Smith's was consumed and some nice people who work in the box office encountered.

Thus it was that, at 6 in the morning, your humble Devil and Sam found themselves wandering across the now rather chilly Meadows. We encountered a young gentleman who had fallen asleep on the damp grass and decided that the best thing to do would be to wake him. He was, as is to be expected, in a slightly confused state and tried to attack his saviours, landing a glancing blow on Sam's face. Eventually, we established that we were attempting to do him a favour and we waved him off home.

Then it was time for your humble Devil to retire and not really get up for the duration of Thursday. I may need to find either some drugs or considerably more energy if I am going to survive this Fringe.

Still, never mind: there are three C Venue Press Launches tomorrow so it's time to start ligging again...

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Anonymous said...

Cheers for the heads-up on a few venues DK. I'm heading up there next Friday to sample the fringe, so any tips on where to avoid would be appreciated...

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