Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Israel (again)

Young Katherine Newton, who is a very nice girl and should be patted muchly, has climbed onto a limb and written a very good post, from the perspective of a Jew, which aims to counter many of the, frankly ludicrous, claims about Israel (and Hezbollah).

There's one point that I want to highlight, although you should read the whole post as it is clear, erudite and eminently not rabid.
(By the way, it never fails to amaze me that people tend to dismiss what the Iranian president says as mad semi-comical ramblings. This is the President of a fundamentalist state with an appalling human rights record who desperately wants nuclear capability and probably already has it in breach of UN resolutions. Who was the last screaming, frothing, rabidly prejudiced dictator who everyone thought was a bit of a joke and who wasn’t sure that the Jews were really human? What was his name again? Short German chap with an amusing toothbrush moustache? It’ll come back to me.)

Quite. Why is it that people don't take this man seriously? I don't get it.

But, then, people—and, yes, I mean you but not, obviously, me—are stupid. Really fucking stupid.


dearieme said...

Austrian, surely?

Katy Newton said...

Thank you very much, Mr Kitchen, I have long felt that I am insufficiently patted.

Dearieme - dearie me indeed. I am a muppet. Time for a spot of editing.

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